16 May 2020

BA English Essay The Eclipse Online MCQsTest

The Eclipse
Virginia Woolf
1.      Who is the author of the essay The Eclipse
a) James Hilton          
b) Ernest Hemingway        
c) WH Davies                       
d)Virginia Woolf
2.      In this essay,she describes her______
a) life story                 
b) Physical experience                 
c) Story told by her mother                          
d) a proverb
3.      In this essay ,she tell the importance of_______
a) The Universe                  
b)   the Earth                     
c) the moon                        
d) the Sun
4.      Virginia woolf was an ______ writer
a) a Polish                  
b) an English                       
c) an American                    
d)an Indin born
5.      Virginia Woolf was born in________
b) 1884                     
c) 1885                          
d) 1892
6.      She died in______
7.      All the English People were moving to_____ of England.
b) west     
d)North west
8.      They wnted to witness a ___________
a) Lunar eclipse                
b) solar eclipse                     
c) Stonehenge                           
d) Yorkshire
9.      The Total duration of Solar Eclipse was________
a) 25 seconds                  
b) 30 seconds                       
c) 18 seconds                          
d)24 seconds
10.  In the subcontinent, before partition the Hindus were
a) 300 milions                  
b) 200 milions                      
c) 50 milion                            
d)70 milion
11.  The writer called sacred 24 seconds as_____ she
a) due to god sol                 
b) thought it as a religious ceremony                      
c) resembled it stonehenge                           
d)due to the style of people standing there
12.  What were the feelings of the people at that night?
a) they were terrified   
b)were sad 
c) were excited  
d) were tired
13.  The people reached at___________
a) Neitherland Station    
b) Poland       
c) Yorkshire Station          
d) Euston Railway Station
14.  Writer s’ mode of expression is_______
a)  Descriptive                 
b) Narrative                      
c) epic like                           
d) heroic
15.  In the morning before eclipse ,the Sun rose and thre its______
a) Crimson rays                  
b) golden and blue                        
c) golden rays                            
d) white rays

16.  There was a tug of war between_____
a) air and clods                  
b) rain and clouds                       
c) None of these                            
d) between people
17.  When the sun regained its strength,people became
a) Happy     
b) enthusiastic         
c) sad             
d) disappointed
18.  Without sun ,Earth is like____________
a) Withered face    
b) withered flower        
c) dead leaf             
d) withered leaf
19.  Sun is the________pivot of
a) Universe    
b) solar system        
c) world              
d) Heaven
20.  Basically Virginia Woolf was a__________
a) \a sonneteer    
b) a poet       
c) Novelist              
d) a story teller

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