15 Mar 2020

MA English Par.1 Novel Adam Bede by George Eliot Summary

MA English Part.1 Novel and Notes

Adam Bede
Gorge Eliot
Marry an Evans wrote this novel under the pen-name of George Eliot as no one liked to read novels written by female writers in Victorian age. This novel is an autobiography of George Eliot. This novel was published in 1859 that was an era of Queen Victoria.

Adam Bede, a good natured, kind hearted carpenter is the protagonist of the novel. He is the virtual head of the family as his father Thias Bede is useless fellow who often remains in the influence of drinking. Thias dies by drowning under the sever effects of drinking.

Adam s’ younger brother Seth Bede is in love with Dinah Morris who is a devoted priestess and this time she rejects Seth s’ marriage offer saying that if ever she would ever marry, it would be Seth. Seth is disappointed but consoles himself with this pledge of Dinah Morris.

Adam works at a workshop whose owner Mr.Burge desires that Adam should marry her daughter. Adam Bede is in love with a beautiful girl Hetty Sorrel who is proud and extravagant. Hetty loves and wants to marry with a Squire s’ son Captain Arthur Donnithrone who is a military officer. Arthur after receiving a hand injury comes to stay at Hay Slope. He is impressed by Hetty s’ beauty and seduces her. Hetty deems it a real love offer and starts loving him. They many times meet in the forest and start love making.

Adam Bede knowing the reality tries to convince Hetty that Arthur is only misusing her but she ignores him. Once Arthur happens to pass in the forest where he catches the couple red handed. He gives a terrible thrash to Arthur who faints. There he makes him write a letter bearing the message that she does not love Hetty. Hetty is disappointed, now she turns to Adam Bede. Their marriage is fixed.

But before marriage, she come to know that she is pregnant ,she searches Arthur to tell him that baby in her womb is his but she does not find Arthur anywhere. On her way back, in the forest, she gives birth to a baby. She hides the baby in a whole under a tree and covers it with grass and planks.
The baby is seen by a person who takes it to his house but the baby dies. He tells the authority and they start searching the killer.

After many days Hetty goes to the forest under that tree to see the baby. She is arrested and taken to the police station. Under the charges of infanticide, she is persecuted and given capital punishment. Arthur come there and after a hard struggle he is successful in reducing her punishment to life imprisonment. Dinah Morris makes her confess her crime. During this she gets close to Adam Bede.

Seeing that Dinah has inclination towards Adam Bede, Seth Bede sacrifices his love. Dinah Morris and Adam Bede marry and on this marriage Adam s’ Brother Seth has no objection. Hetty Sorrel dies during this. Adam Bede, Seth Bede and Dinah Morris start living a happy life.

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