8 Mar 2020

BA English Important Dialogue on the Need of Tolerance in Our Society

                           BA English Dialogue

Dialogue between two friends on the need of tolerance in our country
Umar:   Brother, how are you?
Ali:        I am fine and healthy with the blessings of Allah Almighty.
Umar:   I have been waiting for you since a long time.
Ali:         Sorry, it took some time to come.
Umar:   Why did you come late, as you know, I have to go somewhere.
Ali:        There happened a strange incident on the way that is why I am late.
Umar:   What happened on the way, please tell me.
Ali:         Two men were fighting with each other on a very trivial issue.
Umar:    It is a routine matter in our country.
Ali:         Yes, it is due to lack of tolerance and patience.
Umar:    By the way, what was the reason of conflict between them?
Ali:         It was a matter of road crossing, they demanded superiority.
Umar:    We should follow the principles of ethics and tolerance.
Ali:         Yes, but it seems, that we as citizens have lost these values totally.
Umar:   This is why, many common conflicts turn into serious issues.
Ali:         If we have the virtue of tolerance, we can give respect to other opinions.
Umar:    Yes, in this way, we can solve our many issues.
Ali:         People should follow the teachings of Islam that gives us the message of tolerance.
Umar:   Yes brother, all bad things are happening as we are not following Islamic teachings.
Ali:         I really appreciate your ideas and thoughts.
Umar:   We should not only act on tolerance but should teach it to others.
Ali:        I also think the same.
Umar:  Ok, I have an urgent piece of work, I have to go, Allah Hafiz.
Ali:        Brother, thanks for your precious time and Allah Hafiz

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