26 Jan 2020

FA English Essay The Use of Computers | Information Technology

Intermediate Part.2 English Essay

Use of computer

Computers are slowly but steadily becoming an important part in our lives. In this age, computer has changed the mode of our work and   leisure. Now in this age every work is being done with the help of computer. The utility bills are prepared by computers. They are being used in every field of life today scientist, doctors, engineers musicians accountants, soldiers, businessman bankers and almost everybody belonging to any field of life are using them in their day to day work.

 Computers can help us in writing books. Soon an age will come when computer will work just like human brain. Computers are now considered the most comprehensive means of acquiring knowledge on any topic. Computer has changed ways of entertaining. Through internet we are connected over the world. We can get any information from any part of the world. We can acquire information from the different universities over the world.

 With the help of Information Technology, sitting in our homes, we can do any diploma or degree from the top universities of the world. So, in this way a computer helps us in getting education and information of the world. We can read online books and collect information sitting in our homes.

We can also use the internet to access vast amount of the information including text, graphics Sound and video in any part of the world. We can play different games at computer. There are many such programs through which children can learn lessons of life very effectively. By playing these games they learn how to make fantastic graphics animations and sound at the touch of a finger.

It is thinkable that computer will replace books. Computer would replace old games with new games. The use of computer is increasing rapidly in Pakistan. People connect themselves with other people through information technology. In Pakistan, every field and department is being digitalized. In Digital Pakistan, the people would have an easy access to the every field and department as well as the government officials.

 In Pakistan by the use of computer people will be able to apply for passport, will be able to pay utility bills sitting at home. To conclude, we can say that computers have become an inevitable part of life. They are going to facilitate the people.

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