17 Jan 2020

BA English Essay Digital Pakistan Vision

BA English Essay

Digital Pakistan Vision

1.      What is digital Pakistan vision
2.      Job opportunities in IT Department
3.      Local manufacturing of hardware/software
4.      Infrastructure development
5.      Digitalization in socio-economic sectors
6.      Digital Infrastructure
7.      Advantages of Digital Technology
8.      Conclusion
Information technology is now the center of connectivity over the globe. World is connecting through information technology. This century is the century of digital revolution. Digital Pakistan Vision mainly means connection of everything through internet to provide all the needs of the world at home, to ease and help people through digital technology.

As we now that digitalization is occurring rapidly in Pakistan. If this process is made fast ,many problem of the commoners can be solved at their doo steps. In Pakistan the use of social media, internet, android and tablets is increasing rapidly. So the positive use of this digital technology can help in facilitating the people.

For an average Pakistani, it becomes very difficult to go to offices for the solution of their problems. If in any case, they access the government offices, no one is ready to hear them. Digital Pakistan Vision would provide help to the common people at their door step.

If we visit any developed country, we come to know that they do their every work through technology. Either it is the matter of shopping, applying for passport, registering any complaint and of depositing utility bills, they do all this through their laptops and android.

Pakistan is going to be digitalized on the same pattern aiming to help the people of Pakistan. This is called E Governance. The government is trying to digitalize each and every department. Different government sectors and department would be connected through digital technology and common people would have an easy access to these offices and departments.

E- Technology can be used effectively in many major government, public and private sectors. It can be implemented in schools, colleges and universities. All hospitals and pharmacies can be digitalized. Basic infrastructure of economy can be digitalized. The performance of agriculture system can be revolutionized via digital technology.

There are a lot of advantages of digital Pakistan vision project. Corruption in Pakistan is major problem .Through the use of digital technology, the chances of corruption would decrease to none. The common people would easily access to the government officials. The application processed by digital system would be followed and observed easily at each and every step. The performance in private and government offices would increase. People would be able to get their passports and other documents at their homes.

Summing up the discussion, we can say that Digital Pakistan Vision would prove very beneficial for the common people. They would save their precious time and money and would have an easy access to every department. This would remove their tension and worries. They would use their precious time in constructive work for Pakistan.