6 Dec 2019

LAT:Law Admission Test and How to Write Personal Statement

Law Admission Test-LAT

Division of Questions,Marks and nature of questions
For Admission in Undergraduate Five-Year LLB Degree Program
LAT:Law Admission Test and How to Write Personal Statement"

LAT:Law Admission Test and How to Write Personal Statement"

There are 5 basic steps of writing Personal Statement for LAW Admission Test-LAT
1.   Introduction
2.   Purpose
3.   Past Experience
4.   Program
5.   Personality

        End Note

How to Write a Personal Statement

My name is Hameed Khan and my father s’ name is Hashim Khan. I was born at Lahore. My father is a doctor by profession and my uncle is a famous lawyer of the city. I belong to a well-educated family. I am much fond of getting education and I always got 1st division in my class. Along with co-curricular activities I always remained active in extracurricular activities. I am the captain of Cricket team of my city. In my Matriculation Exams, I got 1st position in Lahore Board due to which I got admission in Government College on merit base. From this college, recently, I have passed Intermediate in engineering gaining good marks.

My uncle who is a lawyer is a great source of inspiration for me. I observed my uncle who always helped the poor people in providing them justice. In the last summer vacation, I worked with a Lawyer as an Assistant in order to learn the basic terminologies of LAW.I have a strong desire to help the poor people in providing justice.

I am fully motivated and all my family is supporting me in this regard. After completing the LAW degree, I am determined to take up this field as my profession. I will help the poor and the needy. I will bring a good name for my country.

I hope that I will get admission in LLB five Years Degree program on merit basis.

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