20 Dec 2019

BA English Essay The Problems Faced by Students

The problems faced by the Students

1.   The students of 21st century face many problems
2.   The syllabus and curriculum is not updated
3.   Our many students are not visionary
4.   Untrained and unskillful teaching staff
5.   Poor exam system
6.   Politics in colleges and universities
7.   No proper conveyance and transportation
8.   A multitude of problem
9.   A collective will and effort needed to solve problems

The students of 21st century are facing many problems in their respective fields. Although they have every source of getting knowledge yet they are facing a multitude of problems during their learning age. In our country only 2.5 percent of GDP is spent on education sector and that is a lamenting situation. How can we provide better education to our students with these insufficient funds for education?

The curriculum that is provided to the students is outdated, not up to mark. The students who read this outdated curriculum, do not cater to the requirements of the modern age. This is why when they enter their practical life they face many genuine problems. How can this rough and outdated syllabus lead the students to a bright and successful future?

Many of the students study purposelessly. They do not have a proper aim and goal or a vision before them. After getting a degree, they come to know that they followed a wrong direction, they boarded a wrong train. They do not make any headway in their lives. Their degrees prove only a skeleton. There should be someone who can guide them when they are at the stage of choosing a right career.

Untrained and unskillful teachers create many problems for the students. We just hire teachers but we do not hire trained and skilful teachers. Mostly teachers in our colleges and universities use conservative way of teaching. Their teaching methodology is outdated. They do not use modern techniques in the teaching fields. They only make the students proficient in the syllabus books but they are unable to train a generation or proper nation. There should be proper teachers training workshops to prepare the teachers up to the modern age requirements.

The students have to go through a poor exam system. Our exam system only promote ‘Ratta’ which is highly dangerous for them. Near the exams the students tick only specific questions and learn them by rote. By doing so they pass at least without raising their skills. Moreover our examination system make the student proficient only in writing. This system ignores other basic skills like speaking, listening, observing and analyzing.

Politics in our colleges and universities create many problems for the students during the course of their studies. Many political parties establish their political wings in the colleges and universities. Knowingly or unknowingly the students take part in politics. In this way they lose the main track and involve in these side shows which cost their whole academic career.

No proper conveyance is provided to the students. The number of the buses in the colleges and universities are far lesser than the actual requirements. Many students are forced to use public transport which is risky and costly. The students should be given proper conveyance and transportation facilities so that they can fully focus on their studies.

Besides these problems, students face many other problems like lack of proper health facilities, unhygienic food items at the café and canteen, unhealthy educational environment, use of drugs in colleges and universities, lack of proper funding for the poor students and insufficient numbers of libraries.

Summing up the discussion we can say that the students of the present age are facing many genuine problems. There are some problems to which the students can solve by themselves. Some problems are willing to be solved by the teachers, college staff and by the dean. If government pay attention to these problems, many of them can be solved at early stage. Problems are the part and parcel of life, but we need a collective effort to solve them.


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