12 Oct 2019

What is Difference between BA/B.Sc Associate Degree and BA/B.Sc?

What is Bachelor of Arts?

What is Bachelor of Science?

What is Difference between Bachelor of Arts or Science and BA Associate or B.Sc Associate?

What is A.D.B Arts and What is A.D.B Science?

Has Two Years Degree Program banned in Pakistan?

"Bachelor of Arts"Bachelor of Science"Difference between Bachelor of Arts and BA Associate"

These are the questions which have been in the media of Pakistan for more than two years.Much debates have been made on the above questions. But nothing has happened except the change in the names of the degrees.

In Pakistan , Universities offer two year degree program i,e Bachelor of Science(B.Sc) and Bachelor of Arts(BA) at graduation level.Then HEC(the Higher Education Commission) announced that two years degree program will no longer be effective after 2018,in place university will offer four years Degree programs.

Many meetings between HEC officials and Universities officials were held on the feasibility of this project.Ultimately it was decided that at once it is not applicable.So this year 2019 they only changed the names of two years degree programs.Bachelor of Arts was named as BA Associate(ADB Arts) and Bachelor of Science was named as B.Sc Associate(ADB Science)

The syllabus is the same as previous one,books are the same.Same is the exams system i,e annually and supplementary. Both the regular and private students are allowed to participate in ADB Science and ADB Arts.

However it is expected that next year there will be a slight change in the syllabus and pattern.And the universities gradually phase out two year degree programs.But at the present time only names of the degree have been changed , syllabus ,books and exams system are the same

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