1 Oct 2019

B.Sc English Guess Papers Supply 2019 All Universities | Syllabus|Past Papers

B.Sc English Guess Papers Supply 2019 papers

B.Sc English Guess Papers Supply 2019 All Universities , Syllabus,Past Papers,bsc English guess papers,

Important Questions
1.   Mark Twain s’ criticism on human beings in his essay, “The Damned Human Race”
2.   Compare and contrast Bromides with Sulphides
3.   Mockery on health maniacs in , “How to Live to be 200”
4.   Analysis of the spiritual impacts on Muhammad Asad, “End of the Road”.
5.   Compare TV Addiction with Drug Addiction
6.   Note on Mrs. Baker s’ philosophy of life.
7.   Note on youth and old age of Mrs. Baker.
8.   Analyze the Essay , “The Open Window
9.   Analyze the different types of education in Russell s’ Essay, “The Place of Science in Liberal Education.”
10.   Note on actual secret of Mitty s’ life.

Important Reports
1.   Report on un-employment
2.   Report on Inflation
3.   Report on Street Begging
4.   Report on Kashmir situation
5.   Report on Impacts of Mobile Phones

Important Essays
1.   China Pakistan Economic Corridor
2.   The Problem of Kashmir
3.   Inflation
4.   Devaluation of Rupee
5.   Role of Media
6.   Global warming

Important Dialogues

1.   On choice of profession
2.   On inflation
3.   Rise in Dollar
4.   Smoking in colleges
5.   Co-education
6.   Misuse of social media

Important Comprehensions and Translation Passages

Solve and read all Comprehensions and translation passages of Past Papers


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