24 Aug 2019

BA English Essay On Kashmir with Reference Article 370 and 35A

The Problem of Kashmir
1.    The beginning and nature of issue
2.    The UNO s’ efforts
3.    The stance of Pakistan and India on Kashmir
4.    The Current situation of the Kashmir problem
5.    Abrogation of article 370 and 35 A
6.    Threats of Nuclear war between the two countries
7.    The ultimate solution of the problem
It was the part of 3rd June 1947 that the state of Kashmir could join India or Pakistan, bearing in mind the geographical situation, the composition of the people and the wishes of the people. But the Maharaja of Kashmir made a bondمعاہدہ with India and joined India against the wishes of the Kashmiris and ignoringنظراندازکرنا the strong geographicalجُغرافیائی situation. A strong movement started in the valley of Kashmir. India imposed a war on Pakistan. Pakistan forces almost gained one-third of the area. A cease fireجنگ بندی was imposed in the valley.

India went to the UNO and there passed a resolutionقرارداد that the decision of Kashmir would be done through a plebisciteاستصوابِ رائے. A referendum would decide whether Kashmiris want to join India or Pakistan. India was well aware of the fact that more than 90 percent Muslims would like to join Pakistan. So, India showed unwillingnessعدم دلچسپی in plebiscite and made the valley a military state.فوجی ریاست

Pakistan and India have fought many big wars over this dispute. India is not giving the right of self-determinationحقِ خود ارادیت to the people of Kashmir and committing many atrocitiesظُلم on them. There is a strong human rights violation in Kashmir by India. Now the both countries are nuclear power. Kashmir cause is a permanent source of tension between Pakistan and India. Now this war would be different.

In this continent there are three highly powerful and populated countries: Pakistan, India and China. And all these countries have atomic weapons. As India has dispute of Kashmir with Pakistan, it has same dispute with China over Ladakhلداخ.AS Pakistan and India have fought many wars over Kashmir, same like many wars have been fought between China and India. If a war breaks now it would destroy the peace of Asia and if there is no peace in Asia, there is no peace in the world. This war would convert into 3rd world war.

Presently India has abrogatedختم کر دیا article 370 and 35A in Kashmir. Article 370 gives a special privilegeامتیازی حق to the people of Kashmir in maintaining their princely state status with their own separate flag. Article 35-A says that no Hindu can permanently settle and seek job in Kashmir nor can buy any property in Kashmir.

It means that now special status of Kashmir has been snatched away. Government of India would settleبسائےگی Hindus in Kashmir. Violence would be created and genocideنسل کُشی of Muslim Kashmiris would start. Hindus would get majority in Kashmir and then a referendum as per the UNO would be conducted. Indian Government would annexمِلا لینا Kashmir permanently with India.

This act of India got the attention not only of Pakistan but of the world. At once Security Council held a sessionاِجلاس and put a pressure on India to avoid atrocities and violence in Kashmir. Pakistan has cut of its diplomatic and trade with India. Now this issue has got world attention. It is hoped that it would be resolved soon.

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