19 Aug 2019

BA English 3rd and 4th Year Supply 2019 Guess papers Punjab University

BA English Guess Papers part.1, Part.2 Punjab University 2019 Supply Exams


BA English Part.2 Supply 2019 Guess papers Punjab University

Important Modern Essays
1.    Pakistan and the Modern world
2.    The Eclipse
3.    Whistling of birds
4.    Nagasaki August 9,1945
5.    My Tailor
6.    My Grandfather
7.    Are Doctors Men of Science
8.    Hosts and Guests
9.    On saying please
10.                       Tolerance
11.                       The Vitamins

Novel the Old Man and the Sea
Important Questions
1.    Character of Santiago
2.    Character of Manolin
3.    Fight with fish
4.    Fight with sharks
5.    Symbolic importance of the novel
6.    Sea as a living being

Essay Topics
1.    Kashmir Issue
2.    China Pakistan Economic Corridor
3.    Inflation in Pakistan
4.    Devaluation of Rupee
5.    Economy of Pakistan
6.    Place of woman in Islam
7.    Role of women in National Development
8.    Pleasure of childhood
9.    Pleasures of Book reading

Important Idioms/Correction
For Idioms/Correction go to Idioms and Correction 

Important Letters to Editors
1.    Street begging
2.    Water crisis
3.    Street crimes
4.    Poor street lights
5.    Inflation
6.    Lack of public libraries

For Job Application go to Job Application 

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