11 Jul 2019

MA English Part.1 Paper.2 Classical Drama Othello by William Shakespeare | Summary of the Play

"Wiiliam Shakespeare"Drama"Othello"Full Summary"MA English"Classical Drama"


By William Shakespeare

1.  Othello: a general in Venetian army
2.  Desdemona: a beautiful girl whom Othello loves
3.  Iago : a very cunning person, the villain of the story
4.  Cassio ; a soldier in Othello s’ army
5.  Emilia: the wife of Iago and maid of Desdemona
6.  Montano: the governor of Cypress
7.  Barbantio: the father of Desdemona


The play starts in a street of Venus where two men are talking with each other. One is Iago and other is Roderigo. Iago says that Barbantio s’ daughter Desdemona has eloped with Othello. Othello has misguided the innocent girl. Iago hates Othello as he has appointed Cassio as his lieutenant. Now he wants to take revenge from Othello. He is jealous of his success.

They both go to Barbantio s’ home and informs him of his daughter s’ elopement with Othello. Barbantio takes this matter to the duke. Iago here plays double game and he also informs Othello about Barbantio s’ access to duke. The duke calls for Othello there Othello says that he has not seduced Desdemona. He has only told her his brave adventures and she gets impressed. Now they are in love with each other.

Duke also favours Othello as he is a brave general and also is the need of the hour. So duke legalize their marriage. Duke further orders Othello to protect and guard the Venetian fleet from the attack of Turks at Cypress. He also allows Othello to take Desdemona with him to Cypress. Iago and Roderigo also go with them.

Here Iago consoles Roderigo not to worry about Desdemona and he will take revenge from Othello. Then Montano the governor of Cypress informs that Turkish fleet has sunk in the sea due to a severe hurricane. Now there is no danger of Turkish attack.

Othello appoints Cassio as lieutenant and Cassio and Desdemona become good friends. Othello has no objection on this. When they are sure shot that Turkish fleet has been destroyed by the angry waves of the ocean, they start merry making and dancing. After some time Othello orders Cassio to handle the situation as he is going to Desdemona s’ room.

After his going, Iago s’ cunning mind makes a plan. He makes Cassio overdrunk and makes him fight with Montano the governor of cypress. Othello overhears the fuss from the room and comes there. He sees Cassio and Montano fighting with each other. Othello first scolds Cassio for neglecting his duties and crossing his limits and then de ranks him.

Iago is very happy now but his jealousy does not end here. He goes to Desdemona and tells all the incident how Othello scolded and de ranked Cassio who does not deserve all this. He requests Desdemona to make Othello understand that Cassio is a good fellow. Desdemona does not understand the cunningness of Iago and insists Othello to give Casio his rank back. Othello agrees to it.

But the jealousy of Iago does not stop here, he poisons Othello s’ ears that they are unfair relation between Desdemona and Cassio. Iago plans further, with the help of his wife Emilia he steals the handkerchief of Desdemona which was given to her by Othello as the gift of love. Iago very secretly keeps that handkerchief in Cassio s’ room.

He tells Othello that his handkerchief is with Cassio. Othello goes to Desdemona and asks for Handkerchief which she fails to produce. Now Othello is sure about Iago s’ information. Iago further exploits the situation and adds fuel to fire by saying that what will be of Desdemona.

Iago provokes Roderigo to kill Cassio. He attacks Cassio but Cassio retaliates and injure Roderigo. When he asks for help from Iago, he kills him.

Othello hears the cries of Roderigo and becomes happy that Iago has killed Cassio. Then he goes to Desdemona s’ room and suffocates her to death. There comes Emilia and reveals the real situation. Iago escapes from the scene. Later he is arrested and executed. Othello repents much on his action and at the end he kills himself with his sword.

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