25 Jun 2019

Intermediate:2nd Year English Essay on Why I Love Pakistan

2nd Year English Essay Why  I love Pakistan

                                    Why I Love Pakistan


Country is place where some one is born.Every person in this world belongs to some country.So when a person is born in a country,naturally he starts loving to that country.You can say that it is a natural instinct in every man to love his country.

Country is motherland that is equal to a mother.So,the people living in that country loves the country just like a mother.Country just like a mother provides shelter and the needs of life to the people living in that country.

I live in a very beautiful country Pakistan.She is a Muslim Country.It was got on the name of Islam.All over the world it is the only country that was got on ideological bases.Our forefathers gave many sacrifices to get this beautiful country.

I am born in this country,so it is natural in me to love this country.This country is just like my mother.I can sacrifice my life for the protection of the values of this country.

I have been eating the fruits of this country.My body is strong  because I  have eaten its wheat.The air of this country that I have always berthed has kept me alive.I love Pakistan because I am a patriot.

Most of the population of my country is village based.The 70 percent of its population depends on agriculture.The village life is very simple.The village people are very humble and simple.They really work hard for the progress and development of this dear homeland.

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This country gave me life,skills and education.This is why I am a successful person in my life.I got my early education in this country.This country has also equipped me with higher education.Pakistani educational institutions are well reputed all over the world.Here are many able and qualified teachers.They have many modern skills of teaching.I love my all teachers who contributed a great in my success.

My relatives and friend also live in this country.All my relatives are very cooperative.My friends are very good and sincere.Whenever a need arises they stand by me at that time.Whenever I have free time I visit my old friends.This gives me more peace and satisfaction.I play cricket with them.

Many and different beautiful languages are spoken in my dear country Pakistan.The simplicity and sweetness of these languages allure me a lot.The people who speak these language are very like able and lovable.They are very simple and hardworking people.

No doubt that this country is facing some problems for quite some time.But it does not mean that my love for this country decreases.Problems are the part and parcel of life.We the Pakistanis are very brave people.We have much courage to cope with all these problems.With sincerity and the power of love ,we have overcome many problems.

Summing up the discussion,I can say that Pakistan is very dear to me.I love this land as I love my parents and forefathers.If this country requires my life,I shall not hesitate to sacrifice my life.My life is not precious to me,only my country and its values and honour are dear and precious to me.I love Pakistan from the cores of my hear.Long live Pakistan.

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