23 Jun 2019

BA English Essay on Atmospheric Pollution

An Essay on 'Atmospheric Pollution'

                                         Atmospheric Pollution


1.What is atmospheric pollution
2.It is a big problem all over the world
3.Types of atmospheric pollution
4.Negative impacts of pollution
5.How to check the problem of pollution


The pollution in the atmosphere is called atmospheric pollution.It happens due to the negligence of the people.People do not take care of the atmosphere as a result the atmosphere starts worsening.Almost all the major cities of our country are facing severe type of atmospheric pollution.

We burn so much of oil,gases and chemicals that most of the time the atmosphere is greatly pollutes.People burn tyres and rubbish openly that disturbs the atmosphere to a great extent.

In our country , Trees and forests are being cutting down very rapidly.We are not planting fresh and new trees.Only less than five percent out of total area is covered with trees.It should be 25 percent of the total area.This puts a negative effect on the atmosphere.

The smoke rising from the mills chimneys gets mixed directly into the open air.The ratio of carbons particles imbalances the ratio of oxygen particles.The result of all this process comes before us in the form of atmospheric pollution.

The sewerage water of the cities and industry falls directly into the canals and rivers.The canal and rivers water get polluted.With this water we irrigate our lands.It not only causes pollution but becomes the major cause of rich soil productivity.

The jarring sound coming from heavy machinery being used at the construction site in the city,is the major cause of noise pollution.The heavy sound caused by planes,trains and ships irritates the people living in those areas.

People most of the time clean their houses and shops and throw the garbage openly into the streets.In parks people take the eatables but throw the wrapper openly.Plastic shopping bags are helping increase the land pollution.

This atmospheric pollution is deteriorating rapidly the ozone layer.The ultra violet rays a reaching to the ground. Global warming is occurring.The glaciers are melting rapidly.All this have many negative impacts on the atmosphere.

In our country,there is no proper advertising policies.People erect their advertising banners,hoardings,flyers on alongside the busy roads of the city.One,while driving,impulsively reads them.This is called visual pollution.It has a negative impact on the eye and mind. 

Pollution has many negative effects on human health.The excessive amount of pollution irritate the public.They may suffer from insomnia,asthma,heart diseases,skin diseases,tension,hypertension,high blood pressure and many other diseases.This pollution leaves many negative effects on the infants also.

Water pollution is a severe threat to the aquatic life.The fishes,turtles and other water living animals start dying rapidly.It our animals drink this dirty water,their growth and production gets bad.

Being responsible citizens, it is our duty to check atmospheric pollution.Trees planting should be started at government level.Common public should also plant more and more trees. Factories and mills owners should install filtration plants.They should not allow the smoke to get mixed into the open air.We should avoid the excessive use of vehicles.We should focus on the proper maintenance of the vehicles so that they could not emit too much carbon on the roads of the cities. 

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