15 May 2019

BA English Essay Topic Co-Education

Essays for BA and 2nd Year English

                                     Co-education  مخلوط نظامِ تعلیم 
1.     Meanings of co education
2.     Modern concept of education
3.     Advantages of co-education
a.     Healthy competition among boys and girls
b.     Better understanding of male and female
4.     Disadvantage of co-education
a.     Flirtation, sexual corruption ہر جائی پن
b.     Anti-Islamic idea
c.      Degeneration فقدان  of Islamic and social values

Co-education means the studying of boys and girls together in a school, college or in a university. It is a highly controversialقابلِ بحث  topic in our country regarding whether it should be implementedنافذالعمل ہونا  or not implemented in this country.

Those who are not in favour of this kind of education, they oppose it on moral groundsوجوہات . In co – education, it is feared that there are the chances of moral corruption and flirtation. The people who are in favour of co-education, they are of the view that such chances like moral corruption are very rare in co-education. The institute where co –education is practiced, the boys in the presence of girls become more civilizedمہذب  and girls in the presence of boys behaves nicely.

Some who are not in favour of حق میں ہونا  co-education, they further the points by saying that woman s’ job is only to rear the children and do domestic dutiesگھریلو ذمہ داریاں . Therefore women should be given a quite different type of education as compared to boys. Male should be imparted دیا جاناthe kind of education which is useful in earning the livelihood whereasجبکہ  the women should be given the type of education which is useful in enhancingپروان چڑھانا  their domestic activities.گھریلو سرگرمیاں
However at present, the modern women have totally negatedانکار کرنا  this concept. They are of the view that women are equal to men in every respectہر لحاظ سے . This is why they should be given the same education which is being given to the men. No nation can progress fast without a constructive roleتعمیری کردار  played by the women. So, women should be given equal opportunities in every walk of life.زندگی کا ہر شعبہ

Those who are in favour of co-education, they say that Pakistan is a poor country. The government cannot afford separate educational institutes both for the boys as well as for the girls. The government cannot afford the separate teaching faculty and non-teaching faculty both for boys and girls. So, the co-education system becomes very economicalکفائت شعار for the country like ours.

When boys and girls study in co-education institute, naturally a competition arises between the both sexes. They try to get good grades and marks. They try to outdoسبقت لے جانا  other in education field. A healthy competition arises among boys and girls. This positive competition shapes their academic performance way.

The girls are shyشرمیلی  naturally. Sometimes this shyness becomes a hindranceرُکاوٹ  in making big life decisions. In co-education system there arises a better understanding among boys and girls. Sometime this understanding ends up at the happy bondبندھن  of marriage. This becomes a guarantee for a happy and successful life.

Those who are not in favour of co-education they are of the view that in the presence of opposite sex, the boys and girls engage themselves in non-educational activities. Boys and girls become more fashionable. Such a college or university becomes a model ramp.

There are chances of moral and sexual corruption in the boys and girls who get education in mixed educational institutions. This moral and sexual corruption not only destroys their academic career but their future as well.

We are Muslims; we believe that Islam does not allow the free mixingمخلوط نظام  of boys and girls. Its effects are harmful not only in this world but in the next world.
Summing up the discussion, we can say that there should be co-education but only at the primary level. If resources allow us, we should manage separate college, universities for boys and girls. Being Muslims, we should try to save our traditional and Islamic values.روائتی اور اسلامی اقدار

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