16 May 2019

BA English Essay on Mobile Phones | Uses ans Abuses of Mobile Phones

BA English Essay on Advantages/Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone
1.      What is a mobile phone
2.      A revolution in the world of communication
3.      Popularity of mobile phone
4.      Immediate making and receiving calls
5.      SMS: short messaging service
6.      Internet/calculator and time clock
7.      Benefits of mobile phone
8.      Easy to carry in hand or to keep in pocket
9.      Easy way to contact others
10.  Harms of mobile phone
11.  Means of immoral relation between boys and girls
12.  Helpful in criminals and terroristic activities
Modern science and technology has brought a revolution in every field of life. Especially in the field of communication its progress is miraculous. Communication satellites have made possible instant contact with people all over the globe.

Cell phone has brought a revolution in the social and business life of the people. It has affordable price even for the average people. In a developing country like Pakistan almost everyone has a mobile phone.

Mobile phone can send and receive short messages written in English, Urdu, Arabic or in any other language at nominal rates. It has many other facilities like calculator, time clock and stop watch.

It has taken the place of personal diary, torch light and a camera. It reminds us of our meetings and important appointments. With its camera, we can capture any moments or any scene of our life. Now we get all the things in one mobile.

If you connect your mobile phone with internet, you can enjoy all the services that internet offers. It is a source of information and entertainment. You can hear latest news, watch talk shows, hear songs and can play games as well. By using its recorder you can record your voice and send voice messages to other people.

No doubt it is a means of quick contact with family, friends, employees and business partners. It can be used at home or at office, on the road, at sea or in the air. It is your companion in your home stay or journey for twenty four hours. Perhaps no other invention gained such sudden popularity and useful ness as did mobile phones.

Like many other inventions, mobile phone has its demerits and harms. It is vastly misused by boys and girls to promote their friendships and illicit relations.it has also greatly helped the criminal and terrorist gangs in planning and executing their evil designs. It also affects our memory, when we use it just for fun. It also causes restlessness and sleeplessness to many of its users.

A mobile in the front pocket of our shirt affects the heartbeat. It has discouraged true learning. Now the students waste a lot of time on cell phone than on their books. Its excessive use results in the loss of time and money.

Summing up the discussion, we can say everything in this world has merits and demerits. We should try to take advantage from technology. Our use should be positive.

BA English Essay on Mobile Phones,Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phones,Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones,

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