7 May 2019

BA English Essay on Illiteracy

Essay on Illiteracy

1.What is Literacy?خواندگی
2.Literacy means the ability to read and write
3.primary and elementaryبُنیادی education system should be very strong
4.Pakistan and illiteracyنا خواندگی
5.Harms of illiteracy
6.An illiterate person cannot vote wisely
7.He as no sense of rights and duties
8.Ways to promote literacy
9.A campaign مُہم should be launched to eradicate illiteracy
10 More primary school should be opened


If a person can read and write ,he is literate.In the context of this definition,more than fifty percent of Pakistan Population is illiterate.A recent report of UNICEF says that  more than twenty millions children do not have the opportunity to get ad,mission in Primary schools in Pakistan.o nation can progress without increasing literacy rate.

"To the uneducated,an A is just three sticks"(AA Milne)

Elementary and primary education system of a country must be very strong.The stronger it is,the better the literacy rate of the country is.The education policy makeر of our country have always ignored the importance of elementary education.

"Be ware the man of a single book" (ST.Thomas)

If a person is not able to read and right,he is unable to get further education.This deficiency کمی becomes a major barrier رکاوٹon the way of improving his life standard.If common  man is backward,the country is backward overall.

An illiterate person cannot vote wisely and aptly مُناسب.He is not aware of the importance of vote.He cannot understand the electoral process minutely.He becomes puppet in the hands of politicians very easily.He is unable to recognize his rights and duties.He is exploited استحصال easily.An employer may give him unjust wages. اُجرت

He can be deprivedمحروم many of his rights which deserves.Being a illiterate how can he be able to know the value of education.Not knowing the value of education,he will never provide education to his children.Following this attitude ,an illiterate person becomes a barrier on the way of country progress.

The dire need اشد ضرورت of the hour is to launch a campaign against illiteracy in our country, to promote the basic education system,to spread  the importance of education so that we could be able to meet the targets of hundred percent literacy rate.

"This will never be a civilized country until we spend more money for books than we do for chew gum"(Elbert Hubbard)

By concluding the discussion,we can say that if  a person has a strong base at primary or elementary level, he will be able to build a skyscraper of high and higher education on this foundation.Illiteracy is a curse which must be uprooted by launching a massive and revolutionary انقلابی literacy campaign,we can abolish illiteracy and can achieve hundred percent literacy rate.This is the only way to make Pakistan strong and stable.

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