4 Apr 2019

MA English Part.1 Donne s' Holy Sonnet-Thou Has Made Me,Shall Thy Work Decay:Urdu Translation and Paraphrase

John Donne Holy Sonnet

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Lines.1 To 8
O’ God you have created me, so why should your creation perish? Restore me now, for my end draws near. I run to death and death is running towards me at the same speed. And all my pleasures seem to be a matter of the past. I dare not look towards anyone else for help with my short sighted eyes. I am so much terrified by my hopeless past and death in my future that my weak body is on the verge of disintegration. The sins of my body are pushing me towards hell.

Lines.9 to 14
Only you are above. And when by your permission I can look upwards, my hopes revive. But our old enemy (Satan) attracts me so that I cannot resist for even an hour. You kindness can help me to escape him, if you draw me to yourself as a magnet draws iron.

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  1. It has given a chance to read easily by well-meaning paraphrase which the sir has done.Excellent work we appreciate him.