2 Apr 2019

BA English Part.1 and Part.2 Model Papers Punjab University

Punjab University papers
BA English 3rd Year Paper
Time: 3 Hours                  English Language -1                        Section-1
Note: Attempt all questions from Section-1 and Section-2
1.      Explain any three of the following with reference to the context. 7+7+6= 20
a)  And when I feel, fair creature of an hour
       That I shall never look upon thee more
       Never have relish in the fairy power
       Of unreflecting love.
b)   The music in my heart I bore
        Long after it was heard no more.
c)   No time to turn at Beauty s’ glance
      And watch her feet how can they dance?
d)    And I am in a state of mind, if I do not pay the interest due tomorrow, will force me to make
        a graceful exit from this life feet first.
e)  Being in London is a holiday…..
2. Attempt any two of the following questions. 10+10=20
 a) The Happy prince a criticism in Victorian age. How?    B) Rosen is an exploiter. Discuss    C) The importance of dream in The Boy Comes Home?
3. Attempt any two of the following questions. 10+10=20
a)Point out irony in ‘The Hunts Man’    B) What are poetess promises    C) Which is your favourite age when going through ‘All The World ‘s A Stage’
4. Attempt the following comprehension.             25
The rich nations have made adjustments after the 1973 oil crisis, but the poor nations, who cannot afford to continue using oil, have to look for in order to keep up the pace of their development The sun, therefore, offers a free supply of thermo-dynamically high quality fuel sunshine- to countries that are located in the earth s’ solar belt ,Where the sun comes out every day, keeping its radiant energy undiminished. What, however, stand in the way, series of institutional and economic barriers which must be overcome? If solar energy is to have an impact on the energy scene. The solar energy plan requires new ways of thinking. It calls for a shift from centralized energy supply system to on-site decentralized distribution of energy. The term On-site derives from the limited areas within which the energy produced by a system is consumed. It rests its emphasis on the social benefits rather than the cost benefits of a system.
1.   What is centralized energy?
2.   What has the nation done after the oil crisis of 1973?
3.   Can Pakistan take an advantage from solar energy?
4.   What is on site decentralized distribution of energy?
5.   Make a prĂ©cis of the passage?
5. Translate the following passage into English.     15

Write a dialogue between two friends on water crisis.

BA English 4th Year Paper
Time: 3 Hours                  English Language -2                        Section-1

Note: Attempt all questions from Section-1 and Section-2

2.      Attempt any 2 of the following questions. 20
a)What are the reasons behind the creation of Pakistan as per Liaquat Ali Khan?
b) Beauty of soul is of more worth than that of beauty got by artificial ways.
c) Compare Yeats’ grandfather with grandmother.

2. Attempt any two of the following questions.    20
 a) Discuss sea as living being.
b) Man is not made for defeat-elaborate.
c) What are Santiago s’ major interests?

Note: Over attempted and over written idioms and correction will credit no marks.
4. Write an essay with outline out of the given topics.    25
1. CPEC-as Game Changer Project     2. Corruption Free Pakistan    3. Role of Media

5. Correct the given sentences.                 10
 1. The climate of Chitral is more colder than that of Murree.
 2. The honesty is the best policy.
 3. Send this letter on his home address.
 4. The sky is enough clear.
 5. It is the best of the two.
 6. The wages of sin are hell.

6.Make sentences out of the following idiomatic phrases.      10
1. Out of woods    2.above board     3. Bear away    4. Nip in the bud    5. Smell a rate
6. Pandora s’ box     7. Yew man service

7. Write a letter to the editor about vulgarity in the morning TV Shows.    15
    Write an application to the MD for the post of AM.

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