30 Apr 2019

2nd Year Chemistry Guess Papers annual 2019 Exams All Punjab Boards

2nd year  chemistry annual 2019 guess papers

GUESS PAPER Annual 2019
                                                  Short Questions
1.    Periods in periodic table merits and demerits of Mendeleev s’ periodic tables.
2.    Why 1st-electron affinity is negative and 2nd is positive?
3.    Why the oxidation state of noble gases is usually zero?
4.    Amphoteric oxides. And question number 7 - 13 from exercise.
5.    Why aqueous solution of Na2CO3 is alkaline in nature.
6.    Give advantages of Down’s cell.
7.    Why lime water tums milky with CO2 but becomes clear with excess CO2?
8.    How Gypsum is converted into Plaster of Paris?
9.    Write any four uses of borax?
10.          CO2 is a gas while SiO2 is solid at room temperature. Justify?
11.          What is meant by chemical garden?
12.          Why silicones are more proffered over petroleum.
13.          P203 is a powerful dehydrating agent. Give two examples.
14.          Why SO3 is dissolved in H2SO4 and not in water. Write any four important uses of H2SO4?
15.          Write any four important uses of H2SO4 ?
16.          HF is weak acid while HCl is strong acid. Give reason.
17.          What are freons and Teflons?
18.          How xenon tetraoxide is prepared.
19.          How does process of galvanizing protect iron from rusting?
20.          Give any two uses of KMnO4?
21.          Typical and nontypical transition elements.
22.          How chromates are converted into dichromats.
23.          Differentiate between homocycle & heterocyclic compounds?
24.          What is the functional group? Give examples
25.          Metamerism, Tautomerism and functional group isomerism.
26.          Explain Markownikov's role with one example?
27.          How ethyne is converted to a) Acetaldehyde b) Benzene?
28.          Differentiate between mono and polycydic aromatic compound.
29.          Prepare benzene by 2 methods especially from alkanes.
30.          Give general mechanism patterns of s 2 reaction?
31.          Reactivity of alkyl halides. Questions 8,12 from exercise.
32.          Explain Markownikov's role with one example?
33.          How ethyne is converted to a) Acetaldehyde b) Benzene?
34.          Explain denaturing of alcohol?
35.          How will you distinguish between methanol & ethanol?
36.          Prepare phenol from chlorobenzene by Dow's method?
37.          Why phenol is acidic while alcohol is not?
38.          Write down four uses of acetaldehyde?
39.          Write four uses of formaldehyde?
40.          Prepare lactic acid from ethanols.
41.          Define and differentiate between essential and non-essential amino acids.
42.          What is Zwitter ion? Differentiate between aromatic carboxylic acid and fatty acids.
43.          Differentiate between polypeptide and proteins.
44.          Esta formation, acid halide, and amide formations
45.          Give two difference between oils and fats?
46.          Define saponification number and iodine number?
47.          Write down important uses of Lipids?
48.          Difference between addition and condensation polymerizations
49.          Differentiate between DNA and RNA
50.          Give two difference between oils and fats?
51.          What are phosphatic fertilizers?
52.          Give two formulas of phosphatic fertilizers.
53.          Define paper, give important raw material for the manufacture of  paper?
54.          Define environmental chemistry and what are the components of Environment?
55.          Discuss photochemical smog and give its properties?
56.          Why Ozone layer depleting?
57.          What is biochemical oxygen demand?

2nd year  chemistry annual 2019 guess papers

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