11 Mar 2019

BA English Essay Warefare VS Peace and Pakistan Victory

BA English Essay on the current situation between Pakistan and India

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Warfare VS Peace and Pakistan Victory
1.      Threats of war
2.      Past scenario
3.      Kashmir: a core issue
4.      Elections in India
5.      Tensions on borders
6.      India irresponsible attitude
7.      Pakistan logically responded
8.      Peace gestures of Pakistan
9.      Role of World
10.  Conclusion
Threats of ware in the region are on the way. Tension is escalating between the neighboring countries Pakistan and India. Not only the lives of billions of people are at the risk but the peace of Asia as well as the world is at the risk. The recent tension on the both sides of LoC has challenged the peace of Asia and that of world once again.
If we have a glance of the past, we come to know that India has not accepted Pakistan as an independent state since its birth. India is always after the efforts to break Pakistan. The core of tension between Pakistan and India is Kashmir. The people of Indian occupied Kashmir want freedom from India and join Pakistan. Both the countries have fought three big wars on this issue.
Pakistan wants to resolve this issue as per the UN Resolutions but India always denies this fact and tries to put down the freedom movement of Kashmiris. Unless this issue is solved, there is no peace guarantee in the region.
Whenever elections are near in India, tension on the borders escalates. Indian political parties use war tool against Pakistan and do politics exploiting the situation. At the present time, they have stepped far forward in waging a war against Pakistan. After Pulwama incident, the Indian present government has put all the debris on Pakistan whereas Pakistan invites India to give evidence for further investigation but India denies as usual.
In this matter, the Indian outspoken and irresponsible media added fuel to fire and exploited the situation. They created an atmosphere of jingoism. The situation got worse when Indian warplanes violated LoC and claimed that they had attacked on militants’ camps causing severe causalities. The Pakistan Air Force retaliated and gunned down two Indian ware planes and arrested one pilot who was released later as peace gesture. Pakistan Army, Air Force and Naval Forces retaliated very logically, ethically and effectively. India had to retreat.
Pakistani government and media showed high level moral courage and responsible attitude in this tensed situation. Pakistan remained very successful in conveying the message of peace not only to India but to the whole world. The world also appreciated these peace efforts of Pakistan.
Both the countries are nuclear Powers. If the situation becomes worse and out of control, undoubtedly, there are threats of breaking a nuclear war in the region. The aggressive attitude of India is paving the way for nuclear war in this region. No logical mind appreciates this irresponsible attitude of India.
The need of the hour is that Kashmir problem should be resolved as soon as possible. Table talks should be conducted between Pakistan and India. The world should play its integral role to maintain permanent peace in the region.
Summing up the discussion, we can say that Pakistan has become more mature and responsible state. In the present situation, Pakistan has proved his moral, social, diplomatic and ethical superiority over India. Now world should come forward in this regard to add final brick in this building of love and peace.

BA Essay on Kashmir,Tension on borders paksiatn and India

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