20 Mar 2019

BA English Essay on Corruption Free Pakistan

Corruption Free Pakistan-Dream or a Reality


1.    What is meant by corruption?
2.    Corruption level in Pakistan.
3.    Various forms of corruption in Pakistan.
4.    Causes of corruption.
5.    Steps to eradicate corruption in the society.
6.    Conclusion

Corruption simply means dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those who are in power. Corruption is the absence of honesty and virtue. Corruption is the evil which leads to the economic, social and moral problems in a country. It is as old as man. It is a world-wide phenomenon. It is probably found in all the countries of the world.

When we come to know about corruption level in Pakistan, then we are forced to say that Pakistan is in a terrible situation these days because there is too much corruption in Pakistan. Every department is corrupt and not performing their duties honestly. The development projects in Pakistan are incomplete due to corruption.

There are various forms of corruption in Pakistan. It is found in the form of cheating, fraud, swindling, nepotism, robbery and misappropriation of funds, bribery and acceptance of gratification. The corrupt people do not abide by the laws. They cause many evils in the society.

It is flea that sucks the blood of the people of Pakistan. Corruption has been a menace for our country. There are many causes of the prevalence of corruption. Firstly the wish to grow rich overnight is its root cause. Mostly the politicians are involved in this case. Secondly, the prices of the goods of life are rising daily. The government has no control over anything in society. Thirdly, fixed income people also cause corruption. 

Fourthly, unemployment also causes corruption. Fifthly, many evil customs and traditions also cause corruption in our society. Sixthly, fashion of modern age is also a great cause of corruption. Seventhly, many new leaders after contesting and winning election become corrupt. The most important cause of corruption is ignorance. People have no sense to elect honest and educated candidates.

Eradication of corruption is a difficult task but not impossible. Steps that can uproot corruption from the society are that government should educate people through education. Secondly, it should launch anti-corruption awareness in the mass media. 

Thirdly, it should improve the economic condition of the country. Fourthly, corrupt people must be punished. Fifthly, powers of the officers should be minimized. Sixthly, equal distribution of wealth should be made effective. Seventhly, drive for simple living should be launched.

Above conclusion enlightens the ways to understand and solve the major problem of corruption in our country. So if want to change this dream into reality, we should follow the good path our heart. If we follow the golden principles of Islam, we will be able to play our role in its eradication. Then our dream of corruption free Pakistan will become a universal reality. Allah blesses Pakistan.

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