15 Mar 2019

2nd Year English Essay 'My First Day at College' -The Most Memorable Day of My life

intermediat english essay my first day at college

                                  My First Day at College

As every body knows that fist and last days at college are the most memorable incidents in life.These are the days round which the whole life revolves.I often becomes nostalgic whenever I remember my first day at college.This was the day which turned my life.I stepped into a new world.

I passed my Matriculation Exams with distinction and I dreamed to get admission in the best college of my city.I started consulting with my teachers and friends.Ultimately i chose one college.But the admission criteria was very difficult.Here my good marks in Matric helped me to pass this big barrier.I was successful in getting admission one of the best colleges of the city.

It was September morning and the day was bright and sunny.Although there was heat and humid but it looked very beautiful to me as I was happy from the core of my heart.I took my breakfast, picked up my books and rode on my new bike which my father had given me as a gift against gaining 1st division in my Matriculation exams.

I reached the college on time,parked my bike in the parking area and stepped into the main hall of my new college.It was a new world. I felt like a stranger in a new world.It being first day ,i knew nothing.I did not knew the time table and even the notice board.

I asked a student to let me know where was the notice board.He guided me in a  very polite way.I was much impressed by his courteous attitude.I followed the direction and stepped into the washrooms.There was a big roar of laughter behind me.The very boy with many other boys laughed very loudly.They had made a fool of me.

Then another boy showed me the time table .I noted it in my diary and as per the time table I entered in a class room as the firs lecture was of English.The teacher was already in the class.I said salam and entered the class room.Teacher stopped me and told that I was twenty minutes late.I got much confused and begged pardon.But the teacher ordered me to produce the cock voice loudly three time as a punishment.I did as per the instructions of the teacher.There was again a huge laughter in the class room.

Soon an elderly looking man entered the class room.Seeing this the former teacher disappeared from the scene.Then I was told that  he was not the teacher but a student of senior class.Knowing the whole story ,I could not help smiling.I attended the 1st lecture.The teacher taught us very politely and also gave a motivational lecture with the introduction of the books.I enjoyed the first lecture very much.

At Twelve,I visited the cafeteria of the college and ate 'smosa' and burger and drank cold drinks.The cafeteria was very neat and clean.Most of all, the rates impressed me.All the things were being sold with five rupees less than the normal price.

After refreshment, I took my remaining lectures.After attending the college I returned home happily.

    "We can forget many days,but not the college first day."

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