2 Mar 2019

10 Major Characteristics of Japanese Education System

Japan Education System-the World Best Education System

The country progress of any country  is determined through its educational system.The stronger the education system is ,the stronger is the country.During the second world war ,Japan had to pay a lot.But the brave Japanese raised themselves from ashes to peaks.They framed such an immaculate educational system ,which awarded Japan as the world most developed country label.


1.Elementary and High School Education:
Nine years of education including six year elementary and three year junior high school education is compulsory for the Japanese.As the child celebrates his six birthday,the family of the child receives a letter from the Municipal Office inviting the admission of the child in the school.

2.Character Development of the Child:
The first three years of elementary education,the child does not appear in any type of exam.All focus is given on character building,learning good manners and other social values .

3.Junior and Senior High School:
At the age between 12 to 15,the child remains in Junior High School and from 15 to 18 he has to spend in Senior High School Education.During these years ,a students has to learn many subjects.After these years,a tough type of test is taken from the students,which determines their college education.The test is so hard that in first attempt only 50 to 60 percent students can go through it.

4.Arts Education:
In japan Arts Education is compulsory for the students.In school the education of calligraphy,painting and literature is given to the students.In literature ,the students learn Haiku-a famous kind of poetry in Japan.

5. Educational Week:
In Japan ,the educational week starts from Monday and ends at Friday.However,two Saturday are on in a month.There is a great trend of after school workshops in Japan.Students takes part in these evening workshops very eagerly.

6.A Balanced Diet:
A balanced lunch is provided to the students during the school hours.The food is prepared under the supervision of expert dietitians. To increase the better understanding and mutual cooperation between the students and the teacher,the students and the teacher eat this lunch together at the school.

7.Measure to Incease Students Interest:
To develop the taste of students in studies,the teachers make their lesson interesting and effective.The students listens these lectures very carefully.This is why ,in Japan School,the attendance ratio is 99 percent throughout the year.

8.Respect the Elders:
In Japanese schools and colleges,the students are taught how to respect the elders as well as the teachers.When the teacher enters the class rooms,the all students have to bow before the teacher.It is their symbolic gesture of showing respect to the teachers and for the elders.

9.Cleaning the Class Roooms:
For better character building of the students ,the students and teachers together clean the class rooms.Following this practice on daily basis ,the students become cleanliness lover.If any student comes late to school,the next day ,he is assigned with the more cleaning work.

10.Education in Mother Tongue:
In Japan,the education is given in the mother tongue.The most difficult scientific terminology are translated in in Japanese language.In this way,the students learn the scientific subjects without any difficulty.

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