12 Feb 2019

How Can Students Apply for Subject Change in BA/B.Sc/MA Exams?

In the following Procedure , the students will learn how to apply for subject change for BA/B.Sc and MA Exams for all Universities.Some students find it difficult to prepare some elected subjects which they mentioned in the admission forms.They want to change the subjects before the exams.

The procedure is:

  1. First go the the respective university website
  2. Download the Subject Change Application Form
  3. Fill all the required particulars
  4. Fill the chalan form
  5. Deposit the fee in the respective bank
  6. Paste the chalan form at the rear of application form
  7. Hand the application manually to the university office
  8. or Post the application to the given address on the form
  9. Note: Apply before one month of the start of the exams

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