9 Feb 2019

BA English Modern Essay,From Some Policemen and a Moral by GK Chesterton

From Some Policemen and a Moral
G. K. Chesterton
Points to remember:

1. Once the writer was freely wandering in a jungle and was enjoying himself
2. In leisure, he started throwing a Swedish knife towards a tree trunk
3. Unexpectedly, two policemen appeared there from somewhere and they arrested him almost
4. They got him entangled in their complicated and irrelevant questions
5. They accused him of a murder attempt on a tree
6. The writer introduced himself in detail saying that he was a poet, a journalist, a writer also
7. To prove, he also recited a self-composed poem and he also said that he was staying with a famous     personality of London
8. Hearing all this, the policemen disappeared from the scene
9. The writer put some questions before him as well as before the readers
10. Was the writer really harming the tree, if so, then, why the policemen not arrested him?
11. Are the poets, journalists and famous personalities free from law and allowed to harm anything?
12. If the writer was proved to be a common man, would the policemen leave him free even then?

G. K. Chesterton was a journalist. He worked in the "Daily News”. Once in holidays, he went to Yorkshire. He was staying there with a rich and famous person. One day he was free from work and was sitting in a wood. He had a Swedish knife and was practicing the style in which people murdered each other in Stevenson's novels. Unfortunately, he could never hit any tree.

Suddenly two policemen appeared from somewhere. They accused him of murder-attempt on the tree and started a detailed interrogation regarding some relevant or irrelevant matters. The policemen entangled him badly in the snare of their complicated and irrelevant questions. They asked him who he was.

What the knife was, why he was throwing it, what was his address, trade, religion, opinion on the Japanese war, name of his favourite cat and so on. The writer tried to convince them that he was a journalist and was staying with "Mr. Blank of Ilkely'. The writer produced an envelope, an unfinished poem and some other documents to prove his statement.

All these things impressed the policemen and they left as quickly as they had come. The matter of his being guilty or not was solved by the fact that he knew some well-to-do people and was a journalist.
The writer was quite amazed at his acquittal and release. He asked the policemen why they had acquitted him when he was guilty of cruelty to a green entity.

He further said that the policemen had rushed to him as if he was some villain of the Greek mythology who was trying to spoil a goddess tied to the ground and as if the huge tree was now shattered into pieces. It was protesting against the cruelty of a man. His crime could not be dismissed by the fact that he was Chesterton, a journalist, a well-known person or that he was staying with some wealthy people.

It made him think that they might be fairies whose standard and criterion of crime and punishment was different from the normal human standard. In their domain, it might be a crime to damage a tree or a blade of grass. In these terms this event could easily be explained but if the policemen were taken as "real", the situation again became confusing.

They arrested him because he was guilty of something so they should have taken him to the police station for proper proceedings. And if he was not the criminal then why had they interfered with him and accused him.

This is what the writer is still unable to understand. He thinks that if there has been a poor man at his place, who is homeless or who does not know any dignitary, what they might have done to him. Basically this essay is written to criticize the practices of policemen who question the innocent but let the criminals loose.

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