17 Feb 2019

BA English Essay How to make Pakistan a Green Pakistan

BA/B.Sc English Essay
How to make Green Pakistan


1)    What is Green Pakistan?
2)    Planning of government
3)    Current situation
4)    Target of programmer

Comparison with other countries

1)     India 23%
2)    America 33%
3)    China 22%


1)    batter for environment
2)    control pollution
3)    Good for health
4)    Provide oxygen
5)    Shelter for species
6)    Economic benefits
7)    Increase natural beauty
8)    Bring rain
9)    Flood resistant
10)   Friends of humanity

Causes of deforestation

1)    For construction
2)    For fire wood
3)    For growing population
4)    For furniture
5)    For roads and high ways
6)    Shortage of natural gas

What should be done?

1)    Ban on cutting
2)    Alternative resources
3)    More plantation
4)    Educate the people
5)    Role of every individual
6)    Motivation
7)    Awareness campaign
8)    Role of youth


1)    Sincere efforts
2)    Concrete measure
3)    Effective policies
4)    Proper guidance
5)    Encouragement
6)    Role of media
7)    Co-operation of public

The world of today is facing many environment problems Global warming, Ozone depletion and environment pollution are burning issues are across the globe solution of these problem lies in planting more trees on earth. 

Green Pakistan program is a step towards mitigating the environmental problems of the world. Green Pakistan program means the plantation of trees in all parts of the country. Billion trees tsunami program has been launched by government of Pakistan to make the country green.

According to the international standards, area under forest should be at least 20 percent of the total land inhabited by the human population. In United States the statistics of forest area are almost 33 percent and in India this ratio is 23 percent. The forest area of China is 22 percent of the total land area. But the area lowered by forests in our country is about 4.8 percent of the total land of our country.

We must bear in mind the reality that plants and trees are the prime source of environment purification and beautification. Trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, reduce temperature and create health effect on human beings both physically and psychologically. 

Trees provide pollution free atmosphere and counter the unhealthy activities of human beings that bring harmful and damaging effects to the atmosphere. Trees help in the spiritual growth of a person and save him from depression and frustration. Trees develop positive feelings like love tenderness, courtesy, generosity, happiness and satisfaction in human beings.

Trees are the ornaments of the environment. The turn the deserts into an earth paradise. They are the glamour, glory grandeur and beauty the world of the human beings. They provide natural abode to bird’s animals and human beings. 

They provide them food as well as shelter without trees the atmosphere present a barren look. Along with providing oxygen and beauty, trees provide us protection against floods and other natural disasters. Trees are the amazing objects and nature and we learn from them the precious secrets of life. They teach us invaluable passions of endurance, tolerance and sacrifice.

It is a matter of great grief that the percentage of trees plantation in Pakistan is very low and slow. It is a pity to see that the country that has the blessing of many rivers has very little greenery. The greatest tragedy is that we are bent upon cutting down the trees that were planted by our ancestors. It is a very great full sight that every other day numerous trees are being felled sometimes to expand the roads and sometimes to construct new building. 

We are losing more and more trees sometimes for unplanned industrialization and sometimes for construction materials. We are cutting trees sometimes for firewood and sometimes for making furniture articles for our household and offices. 

Forest is also rapidly decreasing because of growing population. Whatever the reason is this practice is extremely deplorable. The more painful aspect of the picture is that none of us is ready to ponder upon the matter seriously. Another enemy of fate is that we pay little attention towards the plantation of new trees.

Unfortunately, we are not serious to resolve our issues honestly. We do everything halfheartedly. First of all there should be ban on cutting trees. We should seek alternative resources of burning fire for cooking purposes. There should be more plantations in the country to make it green and prosperous. We should educate our people about the importance of trees. 

Every individual of the country should participate to make Pakistan green and glorious. Awareness campaign should be motivated because the youth possesses a great potential and spirit to change society. They can change any calamity into opportunity with the power of passion and enthusiasm. All they need is proper guidance and encouragement.

We should have to make sincere efforts if we are serious in making Pakistan green. There is dire need of effective policies and concrete measure. Strict laws should be framed against the cutting down of trees. There should be proper management and the public should also co-operate in this context. The media can also play it role by highlighting the importance of trees.

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