7 Jan 2019

The Qualities and Characteristics of Finland Education System

Why does the World Quote Finland Education System as an Exemplary Education System?

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It is said that education is the back bone of any country.The countries that focus much on education ,they progress much in the world.There are many countries in the world where the education system is outstanding but  Finland supersedes all in this regard.

Here are some major characteristics of Finland Education system

1.In Finland,the children start going to school at the age of seven.The tenure of compulsory education is of nine years.After the age of sixteen ,every branch of education becomes elective for the students.The motive behind this type of education is to prepare the youngsters for practical life.

2.In this country,there is no competition among students for getting good grades.The Finland education system show no record of students as well as teachers who show good grades in their educational career.There students cooperate with one another to share and enhance their knowledge.

3.In all the educational systems of the world,a teacher is considered responsible for bad as well as a good education.If any teacher shows bad performance,he is accountable for this.But in Finland ,there is no accountability of the teacher.In this regard,they give permission of teaching only to selected teachers and selected institutes.If ant teacher does not show good performance,this responsibility is put on the shoulders of that educational institute s' principal.Teachers are free from accountability.

4.There is no examination system in Finland education system.The theory behind it is that exams only promote 'Cramming' and  kill the abilities in the students.In this  country students are graded in different categories.

5.The students are prepared for matriculation test through thee years upper secondary school program,that determines students' university level education.This test is the outcome of the qualities which students get at secondary school education.An other option that students can choose is of Vocational Education Program.

6.This education system instead of focusing getting high grades focuses on basic necessities of the students in an educational institute.In schools,the education experts focus on removal of social discrimination,providing free meals to students,providing basic health facilities,providing psychological training to the students and  giving guidance to every student individually.

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