5 Jan 2019

BA English Letter to Editor about Drug Abuse in Schools,Colleges,Universities

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Letter to Editor about Drug Abuse

                                                                          Examination Hall,
                                                                          City (A.B.C)
                                                                          5th January 2019.
The Editor,
Daily “DAWN”,

Subject: Drug Abuse in Our Educational Institutes
     A recent report says that drug abusing is getting popular in many educational institutes. The report says that 44 schools in Islamabad where students are taking drugs. It is a very heart rending situation. The job of a student must be to get education. But instead of getting education, they indulge in other activities, like smoking, taking drugs. Sheesha smoking is becoming popular among students. They leave their homes for colleges but in place of going to college, they go to Sheesha Cafes and smoke sheesha and spend their college time there.
    Definitely, all this happens due to the careless attitude of the parents. They do not observe that what their kids are doing before them and behind their backs. They fill their pocket with money and don not bother about how the money is being spent by their children. Students take drugs on the name of adventure in the beginning but soon they indulge in it fully and it became very difficult for them to get rid of it.
   Now the question arises, who is providing this poison to the students even in the educational institutes? Who is responsible for spoiling this younger generation? A thorough probe is required in this regard, otherwise the consequences may be very dangerous and beyond our control.

Suggestions to check this deadly habit:                            
1.       The parents as well as the teachers should keep a strict watch on the students. If they see any abnormal activities in their children and students, they must give attention to it.
2.       Movies in which drugs using scenes are frequent should be banned. After watching such movies our students are motivated towards drugs.
3.       The parents should not lavish money on their children; they should give them money when they need it genuinely.
4.       Being sensible, a student should not make friendship with a student whose activities are doubtful. They should avoid such type of friends.

I hope that by following the above mentioned suggestions, we will be able to wipe this problem out.
                                                                                    Yours truly,

ba english letter to editor about drug abuse in schools,colleges,universities

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