24 Nov 2018

MA English Part.1 Paradise Lost book.1 Line#1-16 Translation and Explanation in English and Urdu

Paradise Lost Book.1 Translation and explanation

Paradise Lost book .1 Translation,notes and questions/answers ans paraphrase
Difficult Words and their Meanings


Forbidden Tree: The tree of apple of which fruit was not allowed to eat by Adam and Eve
Mortal Taste: Deadly taste which produced misery for the human beings
Woe:  Grief,sorrows and difficulties
Eden: A garden in Heaven where Adam and Eve stayed
One Greater Man: It means the Christ
Restore: Gave back the man s; lost status
Blissful Seat:  The place in Heaven
Muse: The goddess of poetry from whom the poets seek help
Oreb: A mountain 
Sinai:  A Pennsylvania in Egypt
That Shepherd: Here it means the Moses
The Chosen seeds:   The Jews
Sion:  The name of a mountain
Siloa:  The spring of Siloam near the temple of Jerusalem
Oracle of God: The temple of god
Adventrious song: This epic Milton is going to write
Aonian mount: Mount Helicon which is sacred to Greek Muses

                                                Urdu Translation  Line#1-16

لائن نمبر۔1
انسان کی پہلی نا فرمانی اور وہ پھل
لائن نمبر۔2
شجرِ ممنوعہ کا،جس کا مہلک ذائقہ
لائن نمبر۔3
دُنیا میں موت اور غم لے کر آیا
لائن نمبر۔4
جنت کھو دی،یہاں تک کہ ایک عظیم انسان
لائن نمبر۔5
نے انسان کا کھویا ہوا مقام جنت بحال کروایا
لائن نمبر۔6
میں شاعری کی دیوی سے التجا کرتا ہوں
لائن نمبر۔7
کہ کیسے اُریب یا سی نائی کی مُقدس چوٹیوں نے
لائن نمبر۔8
موسیٰؑ کو مُتاثر کیا اور جس نے یہودیوں کو سب سے پہلے سھکایا
لائن نمبر۔9
کہ شروعات میں کیسے زمین اور آسمان
لائن نمبر۔10
لا مکاں سے مکاں میں آئے
لائن نمبر۔11
اگر سیان کی پہاڑی اور سِلوان کی ندی
لائن نمبر۔12
جو مقدس مندر کے پاس ببہتی ہے،تمہے مُتاثر کرے
لائن نمبر۔13
میں اس رزمیہ نظم کو لھکنے میں تمہاری مدد طلب کرتا ہوں
لائن نمبر۔14
کہ یہ نظم اپنی پرواز میں پروان چڑھے
لائن نمبر۔15
اور پہاڑ آیونیا کی بُلندیوں کو چُھوے
لائن نمبر۔16
کیونکہ اس نطم کا عنوان پہلے کسی نے نہیں شروع کیا

English Translation Line#1-16

The first act of disobedience was committed by our grand parents Adam and Eve who ate the fruit of that forbidden tree whose mortal taste became the cause of human death ,grief and misery and above all Man lost his blissful seat in the Heaven, till one great man the Christ helped regaining our lost status.

The poet requests the goddess of poetry to help him in writing this grand poem epic.He requested to the sacred gods and goddesses on the top of Oreb and Sinai which inspired the Moses who told the Jews about the creation of the skies and the Earth out of chaos, in the beginning.

If Sion hill and the sacred spring of Siloa that flowed fast by the temples of gods and goddesses , help me in accomplishing this grand task,the task of writing this epic poem on a universal topic.It is a poem of unique topic and it will touch the heights of Mount Silicon, as this topic was not attempted by anybody in prose and poetry.

Paradise Lost is an epic that has a world wide fame.This poem bears all the requirements of an epic.Milton discusses every thing pedagogically.He takes reference from history and elaborates them very well.In the first sixteen lines, he attracts the attention or the readers towards a big sin which was committed by our forefathers-the sin of God s' disobedience.Adam and Eve,in the Heaven,were passing a very happy life.There they were allowed to enjoy each and every pleasure except one restriction.They were not allowed to eat the the fruit of the forbidden tree.Satan,the biggest enemy of the Man, urged them to eat that fruit-apple.Adam violated the commandment of God and ate the fruit of that tree.With this act,griefs and death introduced in the world and this caused their expulsion from the Eden.

Milton s' invocation from the Muse: the goddess of the poetry follows the requirement of a grand epic.Like other poets,he invokes the Muse to help him in writing and elevating this epic poem because it bears a universal theme.Here in this epic Milton wants to justify the ways of God to men.


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