21 Nov 2018

MA English Part.1 Guess Papers Pu,UoS,GCUF,IUB,BZU,

                                  MA English Part.1 Guess Papers
Paper.1         Poetry
1.    Jon Donne as a metaphysical poet
2.    Social satire/irony in Chaucer
3.    Theme/ character of Satan/ Paradise Lost as a serious epic
4.    The Rape of the Lock as mock epic/Role of supernatural machinery/Character of Belinda

Paper.2        Drama
Oedipus Rex
1.    Oedipus Rex as a tragic hero
2.    Role of chorus
3.    Final scene of the play
Dr. Faustus
1.    Dr. Faustus as a tragic hero
2.    Theme of the play
The Importance of Being Ernest
1.    Importance of being Ernest as a social satire
2.    Art of characterization
1.    Othello as a tragedy
2.    Character of Iago

Paper.3    Novel
     Pride and Prejudice
1.    Theme of Pride and Prejudice
2.    Elements of irony and satire
3.    Limitations
Adam Bede
1.    Character of Adam and Hetty
2.    Psycho analysis

A Tale of Two Cities
1.    Theme of  A Tale of Two Cities
2.    Symbolic importance of the novel
3.    As a historical novel

Return of the Natives
1.    Character of Clym and Eustacia
2.    Role of chance and fate
3.    Role of Egdon Heath

Paper.4       Prose
1.    Theme of Redress of poetry
2.    Theme of culture and imperialism
3.    Social satire in Gulliver s’ Travels
Bacon essays
1.    Function of the teacher in unpopular essays
2.    Ideas that have helped mankind
3.    Ideas that have harmed mankind

Paper.5      American Literature
1.    Summaries and themes of Sylvia Plath
2.    Summaries and themes of John Ashbury
3.    Summaries and themes of Richard Wilbur
4.    Robert  Jordan as a tragic hero
5.    Role of Maria
6.    Hemingway s’ writing style in “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”
7.    Mourning becomes Electra as a modern tragedy
8.    Character of mother and daughter
9.    John Proctor as a tragic hero
10. The theme of the crucible

ma english part.1 guess papers

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