21 Oct 2018

BA English Dialogue between two friends on Water crisis in Pakistan

Dialogue on water crisis in Pakistan

A dialogue between two friends on water crisis and need for constructing dams in Pakistan

Asad:    Aslaam-o-Alikum
Umer:   Waalikum-us-salam
Asad:    How are you dear?
Umer:   I am fine but a little bit worried.
Asad:    What is the reason behind your tension?
Umer:   I have just read a report of IMF about Pakistan.
Asad:    What the report says anything serious?
Umer:   It says that water scarcity problem is getting severe in Pakistan.
Asad:    Yes, I have also heard much of this problem; Pakistan is facing water shortage nowadays.
Umer:   The most of all is that by 2025 this problem will take its acute form.
Asad:    Yes this issue has been debated much in media for the some months.
Umer:   The population of Pakistan is increasing rapidly, water resources are being divide among more people.
Asad:    Yes, and they do not use water carefully, mostly people do not know the importance of water in life.
Umer:   Yes, you are right, but our past governments have nothing done to solve this problem.
Asad:    Can we say that our politicians have done only politics on this issue, they have politicized this problem.
Umer:   Yes, it is also a fault our politicians also, they did nothing in this regard.
Asad:    One thing more, that we have not constructed any more dam after Terbela and Mangla.
Umer:    It is a very sad and pathetic situation, Mangla and Terbela dams are also losing their water storage    capacity.
Asad:    Yes, here you are right, for being used constantly; they have reached their dead level.
Umer:   But you should not be more worried as the present government has already working on this issue on emergency level.
Asad:    But this project would take some long time for its completion.
Umer:   Yes, no doubt, but we should not waste water, we should use it carefully.
Asad:    Right, otherwise the water shortage problem would get severe and it would be difficult to handle.
Umer:   We, the Pakistanis, are a brave nation and we know how to grapple with every problem.
Asad:    We hope so, ok, I remember some urgent piece of work and I must leave now.
Umer:   OK, take care, Allah Hafiz
Asad:    Thank you brother and Allah Hafiz

ba english dialogue on water crisis in pakistan


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