29 Sept 2018

BA English Essay Diamer Bhasha Dam and Water Crisis in Pakistan

Water Crisis-Diamer Bhasha Dam
پاکستان میں پانی کا بحران اور دیامر بھاشا ڈیم کی تعمیر

1.What is Diamer Bhasha Dam and its location
2.The purposes and initial decisions
3.Yousaf Raza Gillani laid the foundation stone of the project
4.Water crisis- a dire crisis in Pakistan
5.Reports presented by International Monetary Fund-IMF
6.The present state of Terbela and Mangla Dams
7.Reasons behind water scarcity in Pakistan
8.Measures to cope with the problem

Diamer Bhasha dam is a  concrete filled gravity dam which  is going  to be constructed on the river Indus in Gilgit Baltistan.The name of the place where dam is being constructed is Basha in Diamer one of the districts of Gilgit Baltistan,Pakistan

In January 2006, the country president of that time Pervez Musharraf announced the decision to construct five multipurposesکژیرالمقاصد storage dams in the country during the next 10 to 12 years. It was proposedتجویز دی that Diamer Basha Dam would be constructed first.
Diamer Basha Dam
Its foundation stoneسنگِ بُنیاد was laid by then Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani.The work on dam started but at a snail s’ paceآہستہ رفتار سے. The main problem that was faced was the acquisition حصولof the land and providing an alternativeمُتبادل settling of the people living at that area. After completion it would be the highest roller compacted concrete dam in the world.

Among all the looming challenges that Pakistan is facing, water crisis is the most critical problemسنگین مسلہ of the country. Whenever the water crisis is talked of, the problem is politicizedسیاسی رنگ دینا. Not knowing the densityشدت of the problem, the politiciansسیاستدان have only done politicsسیاست.

According to a recent report of International Monetary Fund بین الاقوامی مالیاتی ادارہ(IMF) Pakistan ranks third in the world among the countries facing acuteشد ید water shortage. Pakistan will reach acute water scarcityقلت by 2025.This problem and scarcity will be so severe that to cope with it would be an uphill task.مُشکل کام

Terbela and Mangla dams, the country two major reservoirsذخائر have reached their dead level. Pakistan can save water only for 30 days. India has the capacity to store water for 190 days. America has the water storage capacity for 900 days. From these stats, one can guess the density of the water crisis in Pakistan.
Reasons behind this water crisis are numerousبے شمار and countless. After Mangla and Terbela dams no dam has been constructed in the country for the past 30 years exceptما سوائے paper work and building castles in the air. For the past few years, urbanizationشہروں کی طرف نقل مکانی has reached to an unpredictedنا قابلِ بیان level in Pakistan. Cities are expanding, water usage increased and a scarcity of fresh clean water occurred. Population of Pakistan has multiplied. The limited water resources are being distributed among more people. The usage of water has increased. So the shortage of water is natural. Water wastage ratio is greater than water saving ratio.

A serious climate changeماحولیاتی تبدیلی is occurring in the region. Summer season has expanded and winter season has reduced to only two months. Glaciers are melting rapidly and that water is going to the sea. Pakistan has poor water management system. No serious efforts are made to store the water .Moon Soon passes without showering rain. Water channels –river and canal are losing their storage capacity due to sedimentation and siltریت،کیچڑ. To handle the problem no political will is observed.

Now, the Supreme Court of Pakistan with the cooperation of the present government are working fast to handle the problem. Diamer Basha Dam is being constructing on emergency level. Though it is a costly project but work is being started with K2 will.

This project, after completion, will generate and produce 4,500 Megawatts of electricity. This Dam would have the capacity to store 8,500,000 acre feet of water that would be used for irrigationآب پاشی and drinking.This dam would expand the life of Terbela and Mangla Dams. It would help in controlling floods.

Summing up the discussion, we can say that water crisis is getting severe in Pakistan. Diamer Basha Dam is the first way to cope with this water shortage to a great extent. A strong political will is needed to accomplish this project.

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