3 Aug 2018

BA English Essay the Role of Judiciary with outline

                                The Role of Judiciary

1.What is judiciary,the definition of judiciary.
2.Two major classes of Pakistan judicial system.
3.The role of a judge in the court.
4.The three major pillars of a state and the authority of judiciary.
5.Our heroes in judicial system.

The judiciary can be defined thus 'the judiciary is a branch of authority which is concerned with law and legal system'.It is a branch of central authority in a state concerned with the administration of justice.
the role of judiciary

Pakistan judicial system consists of two major classes: the superior judiciary and subordinate judiciary.The superior judiciary is composed of the Supreme Court of Pakistan,the federal Shariat Court and five high courts.The subordinate judiciary consists of civil and criminal district courts and numerous specialized courts.

A judge is a person who applies law to court cases and oversees the legal process in court.He also resolves administrative disputes and facilitate negotiations between opposing parties.

There are three major pillars of a state i,e the political leadership,the administrative machinery and the judicial system.A country runs well when these three main organs work well with coordination.The major function of judiciary is to implement law and provide justice to the people on equal basis.In the constitution of Pakistan judiciary has been assigned with lot of power.

Unfortunately,in Pakistan ,the judicial system is biased.It has a lot of involvement of politics who takes decisions from the courts as per their will.In this country it seems that all enforcement of laws are for the poor people.In the courts the strong and the feudal terrorize and threaten the honorable judges and force them to work according to their will.

In our country,the crime rate is very high.Hundreds of cases are filed in the courts on daily basis.Millions of case are pending in the courts.The courts are burdened with cases.The work being done on these cases is very slow.

If we want to make our country strong,we should strengthen our judicial system.The honourable Chief Justice Chaudry Iftikhar worked a lot to make the system strong. He helped the poor people of Pakistan and gave a lot of relief to them.The present respected Judge of the Supreme Court Saqib Nisar is also working for the revival of strong judicial system.He is proving the superiority of law.In this regard,his services and efforts are appreciable.

Summing up the discussion,we can say that for the strength of a country judiciary plays a very important role.No nation can progress,if the judicial system is weak in the country.(490 Words)

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                                            The Role of Media

1.What is meant by media?
2.Two major types of media.
3.The objectives of the media.
4.Media as a powerful weapon.
5.Media should avoid yellow journalism.
6.Lead of social media in the present age.

Media is the plural of medium which means a source.When some one says media , we generally associate this word to newspaper and television.

There are two types of media i,e. electronic media and print media.Print media includes newspapers,magazines,books and other items in printed forms.Electronic media includes radio,television,film and internet.

media and its impacts

In ancient times,newspapers were designed to convey news of one area to many other different areas.Latter recreation was included in those newspapers.

T.V was especially designed for entertainment,latter it proved as a best way of conveying news.In this present era,many T.V news channels are working well in this regard.

The role of media in any society cannot be denied.In this modern world,the media has become a powerful weapon.It has the power of demolishing and forming the governments.

It can change the fate of the people living in that particular society.It forms public opinions.It can also deform the public opinion.

In Pakistan,media is totally free.It has a lot of freedom of expression.The former Pakistani president Pervez Musharaff issued licenses to many private T.V news channel.These channel worked well besides the state channel.

The real function and role of media is to criticize the policies of any government.It should have a critical watch over the decisions and actions of any government.It has the right of positive criticism.In this way it can reform any government.

Media should avoid yellow journalism.The main source of income of these T.V channels is advertisement.These advertisement come from many business tycoons or from the government officials.They affect the freedom of express and make the media speak their particular language.

In this way media becomes the mouthpiece of the powerful people.It conveys their thoughts and ideas.This condition forms a negative condition in any society.It is not good for the country.

The function of media must be to convey the news with full validity.It is observed commonly that many newspapers and news channel cover one news in different angel.Some times to rank the channel they break the wrong news.This thing creates chaos among the audience.

Social media has kicked off the monopoly of television news channel and newspapers.Now the people have more new ways of measuring the validity of any news and of expressing their ideas and thoughts.

Social media has made every thing opened.Now it has become very difficult for the politicians to hide their corruption and other negative activities.Every thing has become public.

Some people use the social media negatively.They spread false news and covey wrong news through it.This action creates a negative impact on the society.

It is due to media that the world has become a global village.Through media,we come to know of any happening round the world.In this modern age its importance cannot be denied at any rate.

To sum up the topic,we can say that media can play constructive as well as destructive role in a society.It is a powerful weapon which can from and deform the governments.It can level the public opinion against any issue or problem.It can solve the problems of the lay men very efficiently.It should work freely.

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