1 Aug 2018

Half Girlfriend A Story of Indian writer Chetan Bhagat,summary in detail

Half Girlfriend

A Story of Indian writer Chetan Bhagat

It is a novel written by famous Indian Author Chetan Bhagat. The phrase ‘Half Girlfriend’ means a female friend more of friend and less than girlfriend. It means that in Indian society, one can have physical relations with a girlfriend. But this novel projects the idea that here the girl in the story is half girlfriend, means one cannot have physical relations with the girl of this category but one can have fully friendly support from a half girlfriend.
summary of half girlfriend

The hero in the story meets a girl with whom he falls in love. The hero urges him to be his girlfriend but she hardly agrees to be his half girlfriend. She would help him morally but she would not indulge in physical relationship with him. The hero of the story belongs to a backward area of Bihar in India. He gets admission in a high class college in the sports quota though in academic career he is not like a superman. His English is very weak. But he is a good player of Basketball, this is why he manages to get admission in that college.

Madhav sees Riya in that college who also like basketball. Riya is an affluent Dheli girl. Being a rich class girl, she is ignored by her parents as they go on fighting all the time at home. Riya becomes escapist and she feels comfort in music. She also nourish a dream that one day, she will perform live at a New York Bar.

Madhav s’ mother runs many school in Bihar. She is a decided worker but the problem is that the girls of Bihar do not get admission in her schools due to the lack of facilities; the biggest one is lack of toilets.

Back on Campus, Madhav and Riya s’ friendship becomes stronger. The hero has a strong desire to have physical relations with her. Being forced by a friend, he tries to have that type of relations. Once he finds Riya alone in the hostel room, he tries to get close with her but she strongly rejects her that she is his half girlfriend not a full girlfriend.

After this Riya starts avoiding him. Next day she calls him at Delhi Gate and informs him that she is going to The UK and is being married. Madhav hearts breaks after hearing this. He completes his college education and goes back to Bihar. But it becomes very difficult for him to forget Riya. After a couple of Years, he meets Riya at a hotel in Patna. She works for a toothpaste company. He stays with her and talks to her. He brings her at his home and introduces her to his mom. But his mother does not like Riya as she is divorced after one and half year of marriage.

The famous software founder Bill Gates’ arrival is expected to their schools at Bihar. They want to impress him in order to get some aid for their school. Madhav wants to deliver a speech in English before Bill Gates. But the problem is that he is weak in English so he requests Riya to become his coach in English. His speech is hit and he manages to have an internship in New York.

Riya leaves the scene but leaves a note behind her for Madhav. She informs him that she is suffering from blood cancer and has no more days to live. Madhav goes to America and joins the Internship but there his sole aim is to find Riya who now is singing in a bar at New York. In the evening, he visits different bars searching Indian girls performing there. He has a fear that Riya may not have succumbed to her illness.

One evening, on Christmas, he finds Riya in a bar, he loudly claims his deep love for her. In the juncture of audience, Riya says that she had lied about her illness to get rid of her but now she also claims her deep love for him.

After that the couple returns to their native state Siamro and get married. They run the schools and now their daughter is going to that school. Madhav with his wife Riya, his baby girl and his mother are passing a happy life at Indian state Bihar.

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