4 Aug 2018

BA English essay An Ideal Students with outline

                             An Ideal Student

1.Nothing in perfect in this world.
2.Materialism is a great threat to a balanced personality.
3.An ideal student tries to have a balanced personality.
4.He fulfills Haqooq Allah as well as Haqooq-ul-Abad.
5.He is very eager of learning something new.
6.He shows love and respect to others.

"The  ideal student would be one who was not working for grades but was working because he was interested in the work and not trying to compete with the fellow students." (Carl David Anderson)

In this world no one can claim to be perfect in all respects.It is a famous saying ,To err is human'.A man is the combination of bad and good.

It is a materialistic world.It becomes very difficult for someone to have a balanced life.Materialism is a great threat to a balanced life.
It is possible that man is well educated but not well trained morally.

An exemplary and an ideal student is one who tries to achieve perfection morally,spiritually and worldly domains.He tries to live a balanced life.

A healthy  body has a healthy mind.An ideal student is one who keeps good health and to keep good health he keeps healthy mind and healthy soul.He keeps his body and soul neat and clean.He wears neat and clean clothes.

He gets up early in the morning and takes some physical exercise regularly.He eats simple but a balanced diet.He avoids over eating.He hates smoking.

"Always desire to learn something new." (Sophocles)

He spend his leisure time in healthy activities.He tries to improve his mental abilities. Besides his course books, he reads other books on different topics.He is always eager to learn something new.

"The world of achievement has always belonged to the optimist."

He is very helpful to his class fellows in their studies.He is never late for his college.He attends his all lectures regularly.He respects his teacher very much and never takes part in strikes and demonstrations.

An ideal student is also spiritually healthy and strong.He tries to fulfil Haqooq Allah and Haqooq-ul-Abad. He is a broad minded person.He never goes to cinema and indulges in loose talks.

An ideal student is a role model for others.He has an inspiring personality.He always motivates others to do good deeds in this life.He offers his prayers regularly.He keeps fast is Ramzan-ul Mubarik. He always helps the needy and the poor.

"The respect you give other is a dramatic reflection of the respect you give yourself."

An ideal students loves and respects his parents.He is very obedient to his parents.He is very kind with the younger. He has a friendly attitude with every one.His teachers and parents feel proud of him.

Summing up the discussion,we can say that an ideal student is an exemplary student.He is a good Muslim.He is very kind and respectful to others.He helps the poor and the destitute.He shows his love for learning.He is never late for his college.He shows great respect to his teachers.

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            Problems faced by Pakistan

1.Existence of Pakistan-a God gifted state.
2.Problems are part and parcel of life.
3.Pakistan is facing many problems.
a.weak democracy
b.political instability
c.low literacy rate
d.energy crisis
e.unemployment,increase in population,weak foreign policy....
4.We can overcome these problems with iron will.
Pakistan came into being on 14th of August 1947 in the holy month of Ramadan.Our forefathers and political leaders did a long struggle with uncountable sacrifices to achieve their destination.

Bad luck happened to this new born state when the founder of Pakistan died after one year of the birth of this God gifted state.After that there started a chain of misries and problems in Pakistan.

Pakistan is still facing a lot of problems.The weak and crippled democracy is the biggest problem of Pakistan.Democracy plays a key role in the stability and progress of any country.But unfortunately,democracy did not flourish well in Pakistan.

Political instability and chaos is another problem being faced by Pakistan.The problem ids that our leader are not mature politically.They cannot take bold decision in favour of Pakistan.They are corrupt and insincere with the people of Pakistan.

Low literacy rate is another problem being faced by Pakistan.Majority of the masses is illiterate.They even do not know the meanings of democracy.They are so simple to be become puppets in the hands of corrupt politicians.They do not know even their rights well.

Energy crisis is another problem faced  by Pakistan.Shortfall of electricity has reached to an unprecedented level.There are long hours of load shedding all over the country.This energy crisis has affected other sectors resulting low country progress.

Unemployment is also rising day by day.Maximum graduates and eligible people do not get suitable jobs.They are unemployed and due to this problem poverty level is increasing in this country.Due to this problem ,it becomes very difficult for a lay man to meet the both ends meet.

Here in Pakistan ,there is a population explosion.This increase in population is very alarming.In this situation,it becomes very difficult for ant government to provide them the basic necessities of life.This increase in population causes low life standard for the people of Pakistan.

Inflation or rise in the prices of daily use has broken the back of the people of Pakistan.With the low income the average people are unable to buy the necessities of life.The business strata is also greedy.They create a temporary shortage of necessary items in the market and sell their commodities on the prices of their choice.

Weak foreign policy is another problem of Pakistan.We are the victim of severe chaos.Our foreign policy is weak.Our foreign minister does not take a strong stance of the policies.We are unable to convince the world on many related issues.This weak foreign policy is the symbol of weak democracy.

For the strength of any nation and any country it is necessary to be a corruption free nation and corruption free country. Corruption is another problem that is being faced by Pakistan.The leaders of our Country are corrupt.They loot the country with the both hands  and indulge in money laundering.In this way they weaken the economy of Pakistan.

Summing up the discussion,we can say that Pakistan is facing a lot of problems.But it does not mean that we cannot cope with these problems.We are a brave nation.With a lot of courage,well planing,education and political immaturity,we can get over all these problems.

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