20 Jul 2018

Lahore Board 1oth class results and names of the top position holders ssc 2018 exams announced on Friday 20 July 2018/bise lahore ssc-II 2018 results

Bise Lahore has announced the name of the students who got 1st,2nd and 3rd positions in science and humanities

It is first time in all bises history that in Bise Lahore two students    grabbed first positions getting same marks as1091marks out of 100.

لاہور بورڈ کی تاریخ میں پہلی بار ایسا ہوا ہے کہ دو طالب علموں نے ایک جیسے مارکس لے کر فرسٹ پوزیشنز حاصل کی ہیں۔ دونوں کے کے مارکس       1091،1091 ہیں اور ٹوٹل مارکس 1100 ہیں       

The Names of the first position Holders: 

1.Roll No.253925  ,  Name: Waseem Yaseen s/o Ghulam Yaseen ,Institute : Danish School. Obtained Marks 1091 out of 1100

2. Roll No. 230513 , Name: Tauseef Afzal s/o Muhammad Afzal, Ali Public Boy High School, Obtained Marks 1091 out of 1100

The Names of the 2nd position Holders:

1. Roll No.231354, Name:Muhammad Hashim Faisal s/o Dr. Faisal Rafique,Institute: Educators High School Sabzazar campus, Marks Obtained 1090 out of 1100
2. Roll No.150660, Name:Wajjiha Aslam s/o Muhammad Aslam,Institute: The Trust High School Harbanspura, Marks obtained 1090

The Names of the 3rd position Holders:  

1.  Roll No.103223  , Name: Hafza Saleem s/o Muhammad Saleem,Marks obtained: 1089  ,Institute:Allama Iqbal Public High School for Girls Raiwind Road Kasoor                                                                        

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