29 Jun 2018

How to write report / BA/BSc English report writing

In this article, I shall explain the students of BSc English about how to write a report?

Report writing follows some steps, if the students learn these steps; it will be easy for them to write a report on any topic given to them.

1. At the right margin of your page write the date on which you are reporting.
2. Down on the left side margin line write the name of the Newspaper and its Editor to whom you are reporting to and also write the name of the city from where the Newspaper is published.
3. On the left margin down with a single space tell who is reporting.(From….)
4. One space down, write the subject of the report.
5. Give the salutation (sir, Madam….) on the left margin
6. On the left margin, below the salutation write introduction
7. Below the heading of introduction, start the introductory paragraph.
8. Also explain the problem well by providing some reasons.
9. Give the heading of suggestions and provide some feasible suggestion to the problem.
10. On the right margin write signed and tell of the reporter.

Write a report to the Newspaper about the Price hike in the holy month of Ramadan
                                                                                                Date: 30 June 2018
The Editor,
The Dawn,

From: Mr.X, the reporter, The Dawn newspaper

Subject: Price hike in the Holy Month of Ramadan


As a reporter of your Newspaperman have prepared a report on the topic of temporary inflation in the Holy month of Ramadan. The general public suffer a lot through this issue, so I want to highlight the problem through this Newspaper.
As we all know, that Ramadan is a Holy month and the Muslim keep fast in this month. But some hoarder and traders do business in this Holy Month and they create a temporary inflation and price hike in this month.
The hoarders hoard the necessary commodities of life and are successful in creating a temporary shortage of the necessary things. In this way, they set the prices of the daily useable commodities at their will.
The commoners are forced to buy these things on high prices. As you know that the people of Pakistan are poor, they live from hand to mouth, and they are unable to buy these things on high price.
I would like to give some suggestions to check this social evil

1. The hoarder, traders and businessmen who are indulged in this social evil, they should be arrested and fined heavily.
2. The Price Control Committee should be made more effective. This committee should work efficiently to check this problem.
3. Electronic media should plat its effective role in this connection. They should raise a voice against this problem.
4. The religious leaders should give ethical lectures to the people so that people and common public may learn that money is not everything I this world.
5. Public should also reuse to buy the items which prices are touching the sky. No purchase, no sale, no profit will make every hoarder a right man.
                                                                                                              Signed:                                                                                                        Mr.X,Reporter Dawn Newspaper


  1. Waooo it's very helpful..thanks for sharing this.

  2. May you should explained the reported area, source of informations and a clear suggestions.