30 May 2018

10 Health Tips for students to increase their educational performance

During academic life a students has to face many health issues

Following these health tips students can avoid health issues and increase their educational performance

A healthy body has a healthy mind,if a student is fit mentally and physically,he can focus his studies well and with a less effort,he can enhance his educational learning and performance

Avoid junk food and outdoor eating:
Students should pay a lot of attention to their eating habits.They should avoid junk food and outdoor eating as well as food items smeared in oil.They should have a balanced diet.

Wise people say"Eat simple,live simple and stay healthy". So, it is advised to the students that they should adopt a simple life style.They should abolish the habit of eating junk food and outdoor eating also.They should prefer homemade cookies.

Never Eat to your Seams:
Always have light food and never eat to your fill.It is a very bad habit.Eating to seams leaves a negative impact on health.It makes the students lazy and lethargic. So,avoid eating to your seems.

A full belly meal invites devil to take control over the mind of the person.A full belly meal makes the man lazy,so always eat to live , not live to eat.

Take Exercise in open and fresh Morning Air:
Students in their academic life especially during the exams should have regular morning walk and exercise.Take exercise and breathe deeply in the fresh air of ant garden,park or ground.

If you do not find any play ground ,ground or a park neat to you,then you can take exercise in your room.Never leave exercising.

Early to bed and Early to Rise:
If students want to stay healthy,they should change their life habits.Staying awake late at night leaves a negative impact on the health of students.Never do your learning at night,it is useless.The best way is to sleep early and rise early in the morning and do the learning work in the morning.

Never use social media sites on your mobile before sleeping.It is a habit that makes you awake late at night.

Keep your hands clean:
In the class rooms many germs travel and transfer from one person to another through hands.Students should keep their hands clean to stop the germs entering into their bodies.

Keep paper soap in your bag,it is a best source of washing hands when you are away from house.

Never Take to Smoking:
It is often observed that many students take to smoking as a fashion among college.Once they take to this dirty habits,it becomes very difficult for them to get rid of it.Smoking leaves many negative impacts on the health of the students.Smoking decreases their learning capacity.So,avoid it.

It is very difficult to give up smoking at once.Decrease it gradually.When you become stable,give it up forever.

Avoid Energy Drinks,Tea and Coffee:
Students should ban energy drinks,coffee and tea.These are poison.They make the body lethargic and inactive.These have many negative impacts on health,so students should avoid them.

Take fresh juices or at least lemon juice mixed in water.

Drink a lot of Fresh Water:
Fresh water is the best anti oxidants. It removes the toxic of the body.It make the circulation of blood well.It keeps the body cool,energetic and fresh.Students should keep fresh bottle of water with them in the class rooms.When they feels thirst,they should take sips of fresh water.

Avoid longer hour Studying constantly:
It is often said that 'All work and no Play,makes Jack dull'.Students should frame their timetable well.They should not go on studying for many hours constantly.They should relax and play any game in between.Their learning capacity increases and this practice makes their mind more receptive.

Take a Regular Bath:
Taking regular bath is very good habit for the students.It is the best way to kill the laziness in the body.Taking bath makes the students ready for the next work.In summer a student can have more showers to keep the body fresh,cool and energetic.


  1. Thank you Respected Sir. You are a really great man. God Bless you and your all family.
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  2. tea and coffe can boostup our minds and improve memory