6 Apr 2018

2nd Year English Guess Papers for Annual Exams 2019

Inter part-2 Guess papers for annual and supplementary Exams 2019.

                                    2nd Year English Guess Annual 2019
Important Chapters for Questions and Answers
1.      The Dying Sun
2.      Using the Scientific Method
3.      Why Boys fail In College
4.      On destroying Books
5.      China s’ way to Progress
6.      The Jewel Of the World

Important Heroes
1.      First Year At Harrow
2.      Sir Alexander Fleming
3.      Mustafa Kamal

Novel Good Bye Mr. Chips Important Questions
1.      What was Chips’ real name?
2.      Why did Chips leave Melbury School?
3.      When did Chips join BFS?
4.      Who was Collingwood?
5.      The first meeting of Chips with Katherine Bridges?
6.      What did Katherine Say to Chips one night before their Marriage?
7.      What were Chips Shortcomings?
8.      Who was Mr. Whetherby?
9.      What type of person n Ralston Was?
10.  Why did Ralston ask Chips to resign from BFS?
11.  Ralston s’ Row with Chips?
12.  Who was the head of the Board of Governors?
13.  Why did Ralston leave BFS?
14.  What you know of Dr. Merivale?
15.  Who was Mrs. Wicket?
16.  Write down the location of BFS?
17.  Write Brookfield contribution to England?
18.  What type of school BFS was?
19.  What type of gown chips wears?
20.  Whom did Chips call stink merchant?
21.  Who was Linford?
22.  Who was Sir George Lloyd?
23.  What was Chips’ will?
24.  Write a note on BFS services in the war?
25.  Write a note on Mr. Chatteris?
26.  When did Chips become acting head of BFS?
27.  Who was Cartwright?
28.  When did Chips retire for the second time?

Important Essays
1.      My First Day at College.
2.      My Favourite personality
3.      My Hero in History
4.      My Aim in Life
5.      Democracy
6.      Co-education
7.      Science__ A Blessing or A Curse
8.      Pleasure of College Life
Important Idioms
1.      At the eleventh hour
2.      In a fix
3.      Through thick and thin
4.      A burning questions
5.      At sixes and sevens
6.      By heart and soul
7.      An oily tongue
8.      Persian fault
9.      Wet blanket
10.  Read between the lines
11.  For good
12.  A laughing stock
13.  Of the first water
14.  All moon shine
15.  Bear the brunt of
16.  A to Z
17.  On one page
18.  In the same boat
19.  Bell the cat
20.  Stand by
21.  Carry the day
22.  Cast aside
23.  Go back on
24.  In full swing
25.  Get rid of
26.  Hard and fast
27.  Face the music
28.  An Amazon
29.  Take in
30.  Let the cat be out of the bag

Translation Passages
The passages on Pakistan, on Quaid-e-Azam, on Allama Iqbal, on education system, on inflation etc…

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