25 Feb 2018

BA English Essay CPEC China Pakistan Economic Corridor

CPEC-China Pakistan Economic Corridor

CPEC: China Pakistan Economic Corridor is the collection of many economic ties between two eternal friendly countries Pakistan and China aiming to enhance bilateral economic activities between the two countries.

 It is the collection of many long term projects including new construction and upgrading the roads connecting Pakistan city Gowadar to China City Kashgar, installing and upgrading power houses to get Pakistani and Chinese people rid of energy crisis. It aims at promotion of education sector and to enhance tourism between the two countries.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a vision oriented project. The vision behind this project is to improve the life standard of Pakistani and Chinese people. The governments of both the countries will work to promote bilateral relations, agriculture system and to alleviate poverty.

Firstly it was proposed by that time Pakistan president General Pervaze Musharraf,but it was not implemented due to political instability in Pakistan. In Pakistan Peoples Party s’ government it again became the order of the day. APC was called and a luncheon was given in the honour of Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang at the Aiwan-e- Sadr in May 2013.

In February 2014 under Nawaz Sharif government, President Mamnoon Hussain visited China to discuss the plans for an economic corridor in Pakistan. In November, 2014 the government of china proclaimed the intention to finance Chinese companies for the investment of 45 billion $ for energy and infrastructure in Pakistan.

Critics, analyzers and world media is calling CPEC as a game or fate changer corridor. No doubts that economic corridor will open new horizons for progress and developments in the both countries. It has myriads of benefits.
This economic corridor will attract the foreign investors who will invest money in many different projects in Pakistan. It will be positive sign of development process. The other major benefit of this economic corridor is that it will produce job opportunities for the people of Pakistan.

 It is surmised that it will create some 700,000 n innovative and dynamic jobs promising prosperity and decrease in unemployment in Pakistan. This will become a major route of trade not only between Pakistan and China but far off Middle East and African countries. It will increase tourism in Pakistan especially in Gilgit- Baltstan. World Bank has also pledged to sponsor tourism in Pakistan. If it so, it will be highly rewarding activity for the local people.

Although CPEC is going to its climax rapidly, yet it faces many external and internal threats.
The major threat to CPEC is political instability in Pakistan. It is necessary for the economic development and project accomplishment that a government should accomplish its tenure very successfully. But in Pakistan, no government has completed its governmental tenure successfully.

 This mega project is also facing provincial grievances. It is said that Punjab is getting lion s’ share as compared to other three provinces. It breeds provincialism in the country resulting serious threats to China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

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 The enemies of Pakistan do not want see Pakistan flourishing in economic field. They know well that if CPEC goes successful, Pakistan will become an Asian tiger. So, to stop it, they trigger terrorism in Pakistan. For this, CPEC is being critically watched by Pakistan Army.

Summing up we can say that this project is proving as a game changer. It promises new horizons of progress. It will improve the life standard of the people of Pakistan.

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