22 Oct 2017

BA English multi Purpose Dialogues/How to write a dialogue in BA Englis

BA English Multi Dialogue

Aslam:          Aslam-u- Alikum, how are you?
Akbar:          Waalikum-us-salm, I am all right. What is going on these days?
Aslam:          I am doing graduation nowadays/doing a job.
Akbar:           Ok, very nice. How is your life getting on?
Aslam:           It’s going well but problems are an inevitable part of life.
Akbar:           What kind of problems you face in life?englishnotes4all.com
Aslam:           My problems are those which are being faced by every Pakistani.
                       Nowadays I’m facing the problem of ___________.  
                        (Load shedding/inflation)
Akbar:           The problem of_______ is increasing rapidly due to the negligence
                      of government.
Aslam:           Tell me about yourself, what are you doing these days?
Akbar:            I am working at ____________.
Aslam:           ___________________________.
Akbar:            ___________________________.
Aslam:           ___________________________.
Akbar:            ___________________________.
Aslam:           __________________________.
Akbar:            Your cell phone is ringing. It looks like that you have an urgent call.
Aslam:            Oh yes, my father is calling me.
Akbar:            Do you have an urgent work at home or is it an emergency?
Aslam:            A little bit. Ok, nice to meet you.
Akbar:            Ok, take care, see you again.
Aslam:            God bless you, Allah Hafiz.
Akbar:            Same to you, and Allah hafiz.

Some more dialogues

Dialogue between two friends on the choice of profession

Asad:   Hello! Dear, how are you?

Umer:  I am fine and what’s about you?

Asad:   I am also fine, where have you been as we have met after a long time?

Umer:  I went abroad after taking the BA Exams.

Asad:   Very nice, do you know when the result is being announced?

Umer:  I hope that by tomorrow the result will be announced.

Asad:   So, what is your program after passing the BA exams?

Umer:  My intention is to be lawyer after doing BA.

Asad:   Very well, why do you like to be a lawyer?

Umer:  I am interested in this profession and my father was also a famous lawyer in the city.

Asad:   Very well, I am pleased to hear that that you want to be a good lawyer, but you should help the poor.

Umer:  So is my aim, and please tell me that what are your future plans?

Asad:   I want to be teacher as you know that teaching is my passion.

Umer:  Yes, it is a very noble and respected profession.

Asad:   Yes, teacher is the man who has the ability to change the fate of the world.

Umer: Yeah, you are quite right, may God give you success in your life.

Asad:   Same to you, I enjoy having talked to you, thanks and Allah Hafiz

Umer:  Thanks to you and Allah hafiz.


A Dialogue between a Doctor and a Patient
Patient:    Asslam-o Alikum, doctor.
Doctor:   WailkumUssalam, How are you feeling now?
Patient:   I am feeling better now than yesterday, Last night I enjoyed a sound sleep.
Doctor:   Very well, what is about your fever now, keep this thermometer in your mouth, I want to check your fever.
Patient:   At night I felt some fever but now I am all right.
Doctor:   (Taking out thermometer and checking it) you are still suffering from a light fever.
Patient:   I am still feeling some weakness, and quivering.
Doctor:   Did you take the medicine properly?englishnotes4all.com
Patient:   Yes, doctor, I took the medicine properly and with great care.
Doctor:   What is about your constipation?
Patient:   I am still constipated, though I had taken the medicine of constipation.
Doctor:   What did you eat in last day breakfast?
Patient:   I ate two ‘prathas’ with a large glass of ‘lassi’ after that I took two cups of tea.
Doctor:   Very well and why did you not ask a grave digger to dig your grave?
Patient:   (Feeling shame and somewhat smiling), sorry doctor.
Doctor:    You must take some light food and take fresh juices with proper rest.
Patient:    Ok, now I will act on your advice properly.
Doctor:    Ok, I am changing the medicines, but you should be careful next time while eating.
Patient:    Thanks, doctor, God bless you.
Doctor:    Same to you, Allah hafiz
Patient:    Allah hafiz
A Dialogue between Two Students on Co- education
Akbar:              Hello, how are you dear?                  
Sarmad:           Me fine, and what’s about you?
Akbar:              By the grace of Allah Almighty, I am also fine.
Sarmad:           What are you doing these days?
Akbar:              I am studying at Punjab University, preparing for my BA exams.
Sarmad:           Is there co-education in that university.
Akbar:             Yes, It is known buy everyone that there is co-education at the university level.
Sarmad:           Do you know that in Islam co-education is prohibited.
Akbar:             But you should keep it in mind, that ours is a poor country, we cannot afford separate institutions both for boys and girls.

Sarmad:           Our government should try to fix this problem, as you know that there is much harm in co-education system.
Akbar:              But you should keep it in your mind that there are many advantages of this type of system.
Sarmad:           What advantages of co-education are?
Akbar:              In co-educational institutions, a competition starts between boys and girls; they try to beat one another in education.
Sarmad:           But you should also keep it in your mind that they also misuse their liberty sometimes.
Akbar:              Is it not possible in the institutions who manage separate education.
Sarmad:           Not at all, because there is no chance of doing it.
Akbar:              Friend, keep it in your mind that everything has some advantage and disadvantages, but we should be positive in every matter.
Sarmad:           I agree with you but there should be a strong check and balance in this system of education
Akbar:             Yeah, I quite agree with you here.

A Dialogue between Two Students on Book Reading
Shahid:            How are you dear?
Fahad:              I am fine, nice to meet you, what is in your hand?
Shahid:            A gift for you, guess it what it may be?
Fahad:              I think it may be a perfume, as I love perfumes.
Shahid:            Here you are wrong, take it and open it for yourself.
Fahad:             (opening) Waoo, it is a nice book, thanks for your nice gift but you know that I do not take much interest in books.
Shahid:            It is very bad habit; a book is a great blessing. By the way in which thing you are interested?
Fahad:             I am interested in eating out at some food street
Shahid:            That’s why; you are becoming fat day by day.
Fahad:              Yeah, I do not have sufficient time to read a book.
Shahid:            The people who give up book reading and cherish a habit of eating, they do not think by their mind but by their stomach.
Fahad:             Are you joking, I am not in joking mood, change your topic.                       
Shahid:            I am not joking but telling you the biggest reality of the world.
Fahad:             The reality is that that books are at the footpaths waiting for buyers and many book shops are tuning into hotels and restaurants.
Shahid:            It is true that is why we are not progressing in the world, if we want to compete with this fast progressing world, we should develop a habit of book reading.
Fahad:             True very true, you have changed my point of view also.
Shahid:            You might have heard that famous saying,” A house without books is like a body without a soul.”
Fahad:             Here I promise to you that I will finish this book first and after that I will buy more books for reading.
Shahid:            Thank God, I am very happy now.
Fahad:             Thanks to you for your precious gift.

Dialogue on opening a bank account

(Asad wants to open a bank account in a bank; he asks the manager for opening a bank account)
Asad: How are you sir?

Clerk: I am fine, nice to meet you, what can I do for you sir?

Asad: I want to meet the manager of this bank; can you tell me where the Bank Manger sits?

Clerk: For which purpose you want to see the manger?

Asad: I want to open an account in this bank, can you help me?

Clerk: There is the office of the manger, you can discuss your matter with him, and he will guide              you properly.

Asad: Thank you for your nice cooperation. (Asad goes to the bank manger s’ office), Can I come             in sir?

Manager: Sure why not, please tell me what I can do for you?

Asad: I want to open an account in this bank.

Manager: Do you want to open a current or a saving account?

Asad: I want to open a saving account in this bank, please tell me the procedure.

Manager: Do you want to open single or joint account.

Asad: I want to open a joint account; I and my wife will operate this account jointly.

Manager: Okay, is your wife is with you in the bank or she is at the home?

Asad: No, she is not here with me, at this time she is at the home, is her presence necessary to  open a joint account?

Manager: Yes sir, her presence is necessary; bank needs some verification in this purpose.

Asad: I will be here with her tomorrow; can you give me the forms?englishnotes4all.com

Manager: Here is the form and the details of some documents to attach with it, after completing the forms you can submit it.

Asad: What is the minimum cash limit with which we can open a saving account in the bank?
Manager: With Rs 500 you can open an account in this bank.

Asad: Okay sir, thanks for your nice guidance, we will be her next day morning, Good-bye
Manager: Good-bye

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