26 Sept 2017

BA English Books Name Punjab University part 1 and 2

                                 BA English Name of the Books

BA English consists of Paper ‘A’ and Paper ‘B’
There are four books in Paper ‘A’ English
The books that are included in Paper ‘A’ are as under
1.       An anthology of English verse
2.       Short Stories and One Act Plays
3.       A Selection of Modern English Essays
4.       The Old Man and the Sea( Novel)

                       Books of Paper ‘B’
There is no Book that is recommended in Paper ‘B’

         Details of Contents in Paper ‘A’ Books
1.    An anthology of English verse
   There are 23 poems in this book.
2.    Short Stories and One Act Plays
   Short Stories are 15 whereas One Act Plays are 4
3.    A Selection of Modern English Essays
   This book is consisted of 20 literary and modern Essays
4.    The Old Man and the Sea( Novel)
   Basically it is a novel but about 15 assignments are
   enough to prepare the novel questions

Details of Contents in Paper ‘B’
 Following contents are included in paper ‘B’
1.       Essay writing
2.       Comprehensions and Précis writing
3.       Letters to Editor or applications
4.       Correction of sentences
5.       Idioms and phrasal verbs
6.   Translation of passage from Urdu to English or        Dialogue writing


Punjab University now has divided the syllabus as 3rd year                                       and
 4th year scheme.So, the syllabus division is as followed:

BA English 3rd & 4th Year Syllabus

                                BA English Books View

books of ba english

Paper B

ba english b paper

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  BA Subjects Details

    3rd Year

1.      English Compulsory                                          100 Marks
2.      Islamiyat/Pak.St  (Compulsory)                       100 Marks
3.      Education (A)   Elective .1                                 100 Marks
4.      Journalism (A)  Elective .2                                100 Marks

                                                           Total Marks:  400

BA  Subjects Details

    4th Year

1.      English Compulsory                                          100 Marks
2.      Education (B)   Elective .1                                 100 Marks
3.      Journalism (B)  Elective .2                                100 Marks
4.      One Optional Subject                                        100 Marks

                                                           Total Marks:  400


BA English 3rd year Punjab university Sample Paper

Sample Paper             Time: 3 Hrs                 Marks: 100        
                                                            English Language-1
1.      Explain any three of the following with reference to the context.     7+7+6= 20
i.                    Remember twice daily, who I am?
ii.                  A voice so thrilling  never was heard
In spring time from the cuckoo-bird
Breaking the silences of the seas
Among the farthest Hebrides.
iii.                The fog comes on little cat feet.
iv.                Do you think I can fly away from my creditors in a balloon or what? Or do you expect me to go and run my head into a brick wall.
v.                  Was it a dream or was not it?
2.      Attempt any two of the following questions.     10+10
                    i.            What were Mangu s’ dreams and how did they shatter?
                     ii.         Breakfast is a criticism on the modern city life-how?
                      iii.      Discuss the one act play, “The Boy Comes Home” as a comic play?
3.      Attempt any two parts of the following questions.             10+10
i.                    What are Keats’ fear?
ii.                  Discuss the poem after apple picking as a symbolic one?
iii.                In poem, “All The World’s A Stage” which is your favorite age?
4.      Read the given passage and answer the questions given at the end.                    25
The life of the man is a long march through the night surrounded by invisible foes tortured by weariness and pain towards a goal that few can hope to reach and where none may stay long. One by one, as they march our comrades vanish from our sight, seized by the silent orders of omnipotent Death. Very brief is the time in which we can help them, in which there happiness and misery is decided. Be it ours to shed sunshine on their path, to lighten their sorrows by the palm of sympathy, to give them the pure joy of never – tiring affection to strengthen failing courage, to instill faith in hours of despair. Let us remember that they are fellow sufferer in the same darkness, actors in the same tragedy with ourselves.
i)              How does the writer define the life of a man?
ii)            What happens to our comrades during their long march of life?
iii)          How can we help our fellow beings?
iv)          Should we judge our fellow sufferers n a grading scale?
v)            Suggest a suitable title for the passage?
vi)          Make a précis of the above passage?
5.       Translate the given passage into English.          15
مصنف بڑے مزاحیہ انداز سے انسانوں کی فطری جبلت  مہمان یا میزبان ہونے کی کو پیش کرتا ہے ۔ وہ انسانوں کو دو گرہوں میں تقسیم کرتا ہے ۔ ایک گروہ وہ ہے جو پیدائشی میزبان ہوتے ہیں اور دوسرا گروہ وہ ہے جو پیداِشی مہمان ہوتے ہیں۔ مہمان نوازی کی عادت انسان کی مثبت خصوصیت ہے جو آہستہ آہستہ تہذیب کی ترقی کے ساتھ ساتھ پیدا ہوئی۔ لیکن مہمان نوازی کی تاریخ کافی کرب ناک ہے۔ وقت کی ترقی کے ساتھ ساتھ مہمان نوازی  کےطریقے بھی بدل گئے ہیں۔ آج کے دور میں امیروں کو مہمان  نواز سمجھا جاتا ہے اور غریبوں کو اچھا  مہمان سمجھا جاتا ہے حالنکہ ہر امیر مہمان دار  نہیں ہوتا اور ہر غریب مہمان نہیں ہوتا  ، حالات اس کے برعکس  بھی ہو سکتے ہیں

       Write a dialogue between two students on musical concerts in colleges


English Language –II
BA Punjab University
(Sample Paper as per New Scheme)
Group: I
Time : 3 Hours
Part-II ( 4th Year)
Marks: 100

Note: Attemt all questions from Section-I and Section-II
Q.1 Attempt any two parts from the following (150- 200 words each) (2o)
i. whistling of Birds deals with the theme of life and death. Discuss.
ii. Are doctors really men of science.
iii. Good manners are great blessing. Discuss.
Q.2 Attempt any two parts from the following (150- 200 words each) (2o)
i. Discuss the novel ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ as a symbolic one. 
ii. Justify the ending of the novel.
iii. Discuss Sea as a living being.

Impotant Note: Over attempted idioms/Correction of sentences will not be marked. Only the first five will be marked.
Q.3 Write an Essay with outline on any one of the following topics.( 300-350 words) (25)
1. The Role of women in Nation Building
2. Pleasure of Childhood
3. Problems of Pakistani Students
4. China Pakistan Economic Corridor
5. Problems Faced by Pakistan
Q.4 Correct any 5 of the following sentences. (10)
1. We won the match by an inning.
2. He is M.A in English.
3. I did not give him some money.
4. Exercise every day lest you may fall ill.
5. In service, he is junior than me.
6. There is no place in this compartment.
7. The climate of Murree is colder than Lahore.
8. Higher you go, cooler it is.
Q.5 Use any five of the following idiomatic phrases in sentences.(10)
a) Apple pie order                   b) Break the ice                      c) in the long run
d) Egg on                                 e) Face the music                    f) At sixes and sevens
g) Give away                           h) Give vent to
Q.6 Write an application the District Education Officer for the post of Secondary School Teacher.(15)

Write a letter to the Editor about the problem of fashion among students in colleges.


How to study and from where a student can get lectures and Knowledge of BA English

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BA English Knowledge and knowledge.Pakistan Prominent teacher Mr.Shaid Bhatti video lectures
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