12 Sept 2017

10 English Lesson .11 Great Expectations

Lesson.11                                      Great Expectations

           Q.1             Who looked after Pip after the death of his parents?     
Ans:     Pip s’ sister looked after Pip after his parents’ death.
Q.2             Who was Joe? How did he treat Pip?
Ans:     Joe was Pip s’ sister s’ husband. He was a very kind hearted fellow. He treated
             Pip with love and care.
Q.3             Why did Pip give food and drink to the prisoner?
Ans:     The prisoner was in a difficulty, so Pip helped him and gave him
              food and drink out of sympathy.
Q.4             What happened to the prisoner?   
Ans      The prisoner was arrested and sent to Australia.
Q.5             Why did the prisoner support Pip?
Ans:     The prisoner supported Pip as once Pip helped him in the hour of need.    
Q.6             What happened to the prisoner’s wealth after his death?          
Ans:     After his death, his all wealth and property was confiscated (taken by the                                         government).
Q.7              Do you know a person who achieved success in life through his hard work?
Ans:     Yes, Imran Khan is the person who got much success in his life not only in
             Cricket but in politics also.

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