24 Jul 2017

BA English Modern Essay To Err is Human by Lewis Thomas


                                                      To Err Is Human
                                                               by Lewis Thomas
About a serious and sober problem, it is a light essay. The human have a positive capability of 'erring' ... making mistakes. This is the only capability due to which all the human beings have progressed. If they lack this ability, they would not be able to make even a slight progress.

On the other hands, animals do not have this capability. The animals such as dogs and cats do not have the capability of making mistakes, so they have not changed their living conditions.

Man has made machines and these man made machines are liable to make mistakes. Computers do certain mistakes. The mistakes committed by computers are not the mistakes of computers. These mistakes are the mistakes of the man. So by these mistakes man has learnt a lot and there is a revolution in every field.

It is put into the nature of  the man. So this capability and capacity of making mistakes has been gifted to the man by nature.God has bestowed this capability only on man. So this man is making progress and inventing newer and newer things by 'trial and error.

In life we have more alternatives and choices before us.It becomes difficult to choose the best one on the very outset. So this process continues and we make and invent or discover many things in the field of science.

If we were unable to make any mistake, we would never have made any progress and might have been living like animals even now.But thanks to this capability of making errors due to which we have got elevation in life.

If man gives free hand to computers, they can make us know of more and more mistakes and we can progress more than past.

The main objective of this essay is to tell others that humans learn through their mistakes.All the progress of the world owe to this faculty.If humans did not have this quality,the progress made by them would not have been possible.

Animals do not have this quality.This is why ,there is no betterment in their living style.A sparrow lived in a nest thousands years ago and is doing so even today.

1.what quality differentiate man from animals?
2.what is the outcome of making mistakes?


  1. What qualities differentiate animal and human?
    Animal can't make any mistake so there is no chance of improving on the other hand god gifted human the ability of mistake due to which human can improve its life