21 Jul 2017

BA English Modern Essay Super by Anonymous

This is satirical essay in which the anonymous writer makes fun of the excessive use of the word ‘Super’. Actually, ‘super’ is a ‘suffix’ that is commonly used before many words to prove that the particular item contains the super qualities but the irony of the situation is that these particular items lack the super qualities. This ironic situation produces humor and laughter.

First time used
This word first time was used by George Bernard Shaw; he talked about ‘Superman’ after Nietzsche. After that this word was being used frequently.
The word ‘Super’ means something of superior quality. Today we use this word often before every product to prove it as having super quality; super chocolate, super soap, super cigarettes etc. Due to the excessive use of the word super, it has lost its real meanings.

In the ancient times, the titles were given to the men who had certain qualities and they were lords, peers and counts. During the age of Renaissance noblemen were proud to show themselves off as Caesar Borgia, tried to be a superman. Nowadays, we do not claim ourselves as supermen. But we are pleased to call our products and things as super products and super things.

Message of the essay

Instead of using this word ‘super’ , we should try to increase the quality of the things.

Points to remember:

1.      It is a beautiful short essay written by Anonymous.
2. In this essay, he criticizes the excessive use of the word super
3. Today every businessman and manufacturer is using this word with their products
4. Super soap, super chocolate but reality is worse, these products do not have the super qualities
5. They are misusing this word super in order to sell their products
6.  Nietzsche was the first man who used the word superman after that G.B. Shaw also used this word
7. The past men had super qualities, character wise they were noble and good people
8. The present man lacks good character and they are using word super with their things
9. People not the things matter the most, people should have good character, they should be super men

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