14 Apr 2017

The Shadow in the Rose Garden,Punjab university syllabus

BA English short story

   The Shadow in the Rose Garden 

              A story of unfulfilled love

This short story is about unfulfilled love of a woman.She could not marry the person she loved and could not love the person she married.She was in love with a military officer named Archie. They both loved each other from the core of their hearts. Archie went to North Africa on a war mission. He was reported to have died due to sunstroke.

 On the very day the woman married the person who was an electrician in a mine. But she could not love him. Frank was a short stature fellow and also lower in status than her. But he was a healthy ,smart and a man full of life. He loved his wife.But his wife remained sad and nostalgic.

After three year of marriage, on her wife suggestion, they went to sea side for honey moon.That was the very area where she lived before her marriage and had passed  happy and loved moments with her lover,Archie.She wanted to see that place and revive her past. Her present husband knows nothing about this story.She often stands in the window opening towards sea and stared hour long at the sea.
One morning, her husband was in a happy mood.

 He rose earlier and got ready but his wife was still in bed.He wanted to go out with his wife.He saw that she was standing in the window, he threw some flowers to attract her but seeing him she moved away.He asked her to go out for stroll with him but she refused. In angry mood ,he took his hat and went out.

After his departure,she secretly went out and reached the rose garden.The garden belonged to a rector s' family.The gardener stopped her and said that she was not allowed to enter the garden as it was not a public place. But on her request,he allowed her to stay for a little time in the garden. She entered the garden and looked at the house adjacent to the garden.

 The house was inhabited now and the windows were curtain less. This was rector s' house and Archie was the rector s' son.
She sat in the garden.Suddenly ,she saw a shadow moving towards her.The shadow was in military uniform.She recognized that it was Archie.The shadow came and stayed in front of her.He tried to recognize her but could not as he had gone mad,a lunatic.The situation became painful and intolerable for her when she came to know that Archie had not died but still alive.After sometimes, the gardener came and took that man away.

Full of catharsis, she told all story to her husband. He came to know the real reason that why his wife could not love him. He took hat and left the room.

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