18 Mar 2017

BA English One Act Play,The Boy Comes Home

BA English One Act Play   

A.A. Milne
Alan Alexander Milne was a famous comedy writer. The Boy Comes Home’ was written by him at the end of the 1st world war.
The play in question is light comedy which tells us about the generations gaps.  There are two main characters in the play; one is uncle James who represents the old generation, the other is Philip who represents the young generation. Uncle James is a bullying and rigid type of man while Philip is a young boy with revolutionary ideas. The old generation thinks that they are right all the time and they have the authority to impose their will on the younger generation. But the younger generation with the revolutionary ideas is not ready to be led by the nose by the old generation. This contrast projects laughter in the course of the play and the reader is forced to smile while going through the play.
Philip is the ward of Uncle James because his father has died , Uncle James who is a very so called strict fellow wants to impose his so- called rules and regulation on Philip, as he knows that Philip is forced to comply with him.  Uncle James boasts that he has the purse string as regard to Philip. According to the will, he cannot use his money until he reaches the age of 22 years.
Philip is unable to follow these strict rules and regulations of his uncle and he wants to live of life of his own. He wants to take the breakfast, lunch dinner whenever he wants. He wants to smoke cigarettes. He does not want to join Uncle James s’ jam business. One day in the morning, uncle James makes up his mind to make Philip understand to follow him if he wants to live in this house. But while waiting for Philip, he sleeps. The play progresses in the dream. Philip comes and Uncle James takes a severe attitude against him. He uses the force of money against Philip. Philip also uses force against force and takes out pistol and bomb from his coat pocket.
Seeing this, Uncle James becomes a wet cat and agrees with Philip. When the dream ends, Philip comes in real. Uncle James very politely asks him what he wants to do. Philip complies with the desires of his uncle and is ready to join his business.
1.      Write a note on the nature of conflict b/w Philip and James?

Points to remember:
1.      Allan Alexander Milne was a famous comedy writer who wrote this play at the end of First World War
2.      This one act play tells us about generation gap
3.      The older generation cannot impose their decision on the younger generation by force
4.      The older generation thinks that they are always right and they have full authority over the younger generation
5.      The younger generation is not ready to be led by the nose
6.      Uncle James, a so called strict person under the costume of fake strictness wants to teach a lesson to Philip
7.      Philip after serving the army for four years ,is now in leisure mood
8.      He is not ready to obey any command of Uncle James and goes on violating the rules and regulations made by Uncle James.
9.      Uncle James sleeps while waiting for Philip, in his dream he takes a severe attitude with Philip
10.  Philip also uses force against force, he takes out pistol and bomb from his coat pocket
11.  Seeing this, Uncle James becomes a wet cat and agrees to Philip arguments
12.  When the dream is over, then real Philip comes and agrees to Uncle James rules and regulations  and he wants to join his jam business