3 Mar 2017

10th English full book subjective and objective

Objective (Marks: 19)
Q.1. (A) Encircle the correct option:                                                                5
(i) The antonym of “suffering” is __________________.
(a) Distress                             (b) Pleasure                 (c) Anguish
(ii) ________________ I had more time, I would help you.
(a)    Since                                             ( b) When                    (c) If
(iii) Fareed said _______________ he needed most was a long and quiet holiday.
(a)  That                                   (b) Which                    (c) What                                  (d) Who
(iv) The synonym of “lovely” is ________________.
.           (a) Unattractive                       (b) Beautiful                (c) Ugly
(v) Yesterday at 50 ‘clock I ____________ apples.
(a) Was eating                         (b) Ate e                      (c) Had eaten
B. Choose the word with correct spelling.                                              4
(vi)      (a) Distitute                             (b) Dustetite               (c) Destitute                (d) Duttisete
(vii)    (a) Boardcast                        (b) Bordcasate            (c) Broadcast               (d) Bardocast
(viii)   (a) Dynmaic                           (b) Dynamic               (c) Dyanmic                (d) Dymanic
(ix)       (a) Comander                        (b) Cummander        (c) Commander          (d) Commender
C. Choose the correct option:-                                                                            5
(x) The antonym of “consume” is __________________.
(a) Utilize                                (b) Save                                  (c) Use
(xi) The synonym of “solace” is ____________________.
(a) Aggravation                     (b) Frustration                       (c) Comfort               
(xii) Which is more serious?
(a) Problem                                                    (b) Disaster                              
(xiii) Which is more polite?
(a) Sip a drink                        (b) Gulp it                   
(xiv) Didn’t you see the sign? You ____________ drive at more than 30 miles an hour.
(a) Must not                           (b) Should Not                       (c) May not
D. Choose the correct option according to the grammar:                                 5
(xv) “Our job is to keep the guidance happy”. The underline word is a/an _________ noun.
(a) Collective                         (b) Concrete                            (c) Abstract
(xvi) “Someone ate my cookies”. The underline word is a/an __________________.
(a) Personal pronoun            (b) Relative pronoun             (c) Indefinite pronoun
(xvii) “A clever thick was played successfully by the cat”. The underlined word is an adverb of ___________________.
(a) Manner                             (b) Place                                 (c) Time
(xviii) “They invited us to their home yesterday”. What tense is it?
(a) Past indefinite                              (b) Past perfect          (c) Past perfect continuous
(xix) “The accident was due to his ruthlessness”. The underlined word is a/an __________ noun.
(a) Collective                                      (b) Concrete               (c) Abstract

Subjective (Marks: 56)
Q.1 Short answer questions:  (Any Five)                                       5x2=10
(i) Why did the villager ask Hazrat Umar Farooq (R.A) to delay the execution?
(ii) How does the Quran describe the personality of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)?
(iii) What is the significance of New Year’s Eve Dinner?
(iv) How does the light fill the drops?
(v) What should we do if twe find our task hard?
(vi) You should not deep checking if the bleeding has stopped? Why?
(vii) How do news papers give us more in-depth coverage?
(viii) What is wind doing to all man’s work?
Q.2. Translate the following into Urdu:-                                                            08
                   On hearing these words, the court gave cries of joy and applause and the face of the Caliph beamed with pleasure as he said, “Young men, the blood money will be paid to you from the peoples. Treasury and Allah will reward you for this goodness on the Day of Judgment.”
Q.3. Write down the summary of the poem “Peace”.                                                 5
Paraphrase the following lines into simple English with reference to the context:
And when the sun comes out
After this rain shall stop,
A wondrous light will fill,
Each dark, round drop,
Q.4. Write an essay of 150-200 words on any one of the following topics:      15
          (a) A hockey match                 (b) Courtesy                   (c) Quaid-e-Azam
Write a paragraph of 100-150 words on any one of the following topics:
                    (a) My School                          (b) Pakistani Women
Q.5. Change any ten of the following sentences into indirect form:                           10
          1. They said, “our teacher is on leave.”
          2. He said to me, “You are not running fast.”
          3. She said, “I shall never do such a thing.”
          4. He said, “I am unwell.”
          5. She said, “I like clouds in the sky.”
          6. She said, “What a pity you missed that function?”
          7. They said, “We have done our duty.”
          8. The teacher said, “Who is the author of this book?”
          9. He said, “Do you have any share in this firm”? 
          10. The mother said to her daughter, “May God bless you with a son!”
          11. She said to me, “Please lend me your camera for a day”.

Q.6. Translate the following paragraph into English.                                               8