18 Feb 2017

10th English papersubjectie

10th English                                  Time: 20 Min
                                                                                                                                                Marks: 19
Q.1. (A) Tick the correct word.                                                                                                                    (4)
i. (a) Samultanously,               (b) Simaltaneusly,       (c) Semultanously,                  (d) Simultaneously
ii. (a)  Exacuation,                   (b) Exiecation,             (c) Execution,                          (d) Exeacution
iii. (a) Admnistretion,              (b) Administration,     (c) Admenistrotion,                 (d) Adminestrution
iv. (a) Competition,                 (b) Cumpitetion           (c) Camptetion,                       (d) Compatetion
(B)  Tick the correct option (Synonyms & Antonyms).                                                                             (5)
i. “Prior” to the first day of the New Year it is customary for families to thoroughly clean their houses.’ The underlined word means:
(a)  Preceding                     (b) Following              (c) Subsequen
ii. ‘He decided every case brought to him, by friend or foe” with justice, without fear of favour. The underlined word means:
(a)  Partner                          (b) Companion            (c) Enemy
iii. He advised the most equitable plan for the setting of the Back Stone.’ The underlined word means:
(a)  Fair                              (b) Just                                    (c) Equal
iv. The last couple of years have been a long bumpy ride for me, as they have for everyone of my age. The underline phrase means _______________.
(a)  Easy time                      (b) Hard and challenging time                        (c) Leisure time
v. Lubna is the apple of her father’s eye. The metaphor Lubna is the apple means;
(a) Lubna is loved by her father.                       (b) Lubna father is mad at her.
(c) Lubna has an apple tree in her yard.
(C) Tick the correct form of verb.                                                                                                               (5)
i. He __________ to school everyday.                                             
  (a) Goes                     (b) Is going                              (c) Went                                  (d) Will learn
ii. I __________ you since Monday.                                                
 (a) Is not seeing          (b) Have not seen                    (c) Was not seeing                   (d) Will not seen
iii. I ___________ her what places she _______in Europe.           
  (a) Ask, visits            (b) Is asking, visiting               (c) Asked, had visited             (d) Will ask, visits
iv. I ___________ much money ever.                                              
(a) Do not have,          (b) Is not having                      (c) Did not have                      (d) Will not have
v. The farmer ______________ the harvest before the rains.      
 (a) Reaps                    (b) Is reaping                           (c) Reaped                               (d) Will have reaped
 (D)  Tick the correct option.                                                                                                                        (5)
i. We have to take the bus_________ tomorrow morning.
(a) Early                      (b) Earlier                                (c) Earliest                               (d) Most early
ii. Maria fell over the cat,
(a) Infinitive phrase     (b) Gerund phrase                   (c) Adjective phrase                (d) Adverb phrase
iii. Talha visited Turkey while studying the history of Turkish art.
(a)  Infinitive phrase    (b) Gerund phrase                   (c) Prepositional phrase           (d) Adverb phrase
iv. If  he offers me a job I                   it.
(a) Will accept             (b) Would accept                    (c) Would have accepted        (d) Would have accept
v. He himself will be our new friend.
(a) Personal Pronoun   (b) Reflexive Pronoun             (c) Relative Pronoun               (d) Possessive Pronoun

Name: _______________________              10th English                                    Time: 2Hrs: 10 Min
                                                                                                                                     Marks: 56
Q. 2. Answer any five of the following questions.                                                                                      (10)
i. How are water resources under great stress?
ii. How can career counselors help the young people?
iii. How does the scene look like wind is still?
iv. How are these experiences helpful to him in future?
v. What do the rich and the poor leaves stand for?
vi. When do you need to see a doctor?
vii. What should we do if we find our task hard?
viii. Why is Chinese New Year never on the same day each year?
Q. 3.    Translate into Urdu.                                                                                                                          (8)
            In order to gain an understanding of independence and responsibility, I held several summer jobs in the preceding two years. I also worked to help myself financially in a boarding school. My first summer job was at the English Language Center. My second job was at McDonalds, and my past summer job was at D.K Academy. I am thankful to all these institutions for these job experiences. They have prepared me mentally and financially.
Q.4. Write the summary of the poem, “Peace”                                                                                          (5)
Q.5. Write an essay on any one topic.                                                                                                           (15)
i. A Rainy Day                        ii. A Cricket Match                 iii. Boy Scouts
Q.6. Change the narration of any five of the following sentences.                                                            (5)
i. He said, “I am unwell.”
ii. He said, “Do you have any share in this firm?”
iii. The mother said, “Didn’t I ask you not to go there?”
iv. He said to his sister, “Please say something.”
v. He said to her, “Please fetch me a glass of water.”
vi. She said, “Would that my father were alive.”
vii. The teacher will say, “You have done your work very well.”
viii. He said, “Alas! We cannot defeat our enemies.”
Q.7. Use any five of the following pair of words in sentences.                                                                   (5)
i. Bare, Bear                        ii. Denied, Refused                     iii. Feet, Feat                           iv. Ice, Snow
v. Miner, Minor                  vi. Sole, Soul                               vii. Way, Weigh                      viii. Vine, Wine
Q.8. Translate in English.                                                                                                                             (8)
(a) والدین کی عزت کرنا ہمارا اخلاقی فرض ہے۔ وہ ہمارا بہت خیال رکھتے ہیں۔ وہ ہمیں خوراک دیتے ہیں۔ وہ ہمیں لباس دیتے ہیں۔ وہ ہمیں تمام چیزیں مہیا کرتے ہیں جن کی ہمیں ضرورت ہوتی ہے۔ وہ ہمیں سکول بھیجتے ہیں تاکہ ہم تعلیم حاصل کرنے کے بعد ان کی خدمت کریں۔ اس سے ہمیں راحت ملے گی۔